Types of Custom Illuminated Signs

Types of Custom Illuminated Signs

Regardless of weather conditions, illuminated signs provide superior visibility, readability, distinction and comprehension. Unlike fluorescent signages, illuminated signs do not contain hazardous gases that can leak over time and dim the sign’s appearance.

Lighted signs also look incredibly attractive and are ideal for home and office décor, vacation rentals, and party decor. Read on to learn more about the different types of lighted signs available today!

LED Neon Signs

Traditional neon signs are a great way to draw in customers with their brightly coloured designs. They are a real eye catcher and will give your business a stylish, classic look. However, they are quite fragile and prone to breaking and can be dangerous if not handled correctly. LED neon, on the other hand, is a more durable alternative that can offer businesses significant advantages over traditional signs.

A big advantage is that they are much safer to use as there is no risk of breakage and they don’t heat up or emit any hazardous gases. They are also a lot easier to transport as they are lightweight and can be made from materials that are fully recyclable. In addition, they require less energy to operate, saving on running costs.

Another benefit of LED neon is that it’s more versatile than traditional signage. While neon signs can only glow in a single colour, LED lights can be programmed to change colours or strobe. This makes them ideal for signs that need to change with the season or a particular event.

Finally, LED signs can last up to 25 times longer than their glass counterparts, meaning they will save you in replacement costs in the long run. While they may cost more to manufacture initially, they are considerably cheaper to run and can save businesses around 20% in energy costs compared to traditional signs.

Halo-Lit Signs

A three-dimensional effect and halo-lit illumination make this type of sign stand out in comparison to flat storefront signs. It is a great choice for businesses that want to create an image of luxury, elegance and sophistication. This type of signage is perfect custom illuminated signs for any establishment that serves food, beverages, beauty products, jewelry, cosmetics or luxury goods.

This style of signage is also known as reverse channel lit signage and has aluminum faces and sides that are installed a few inches away from the wall to project their internal lighting onto your venue’s exterior walls for an amazing, mesmerizing halo effect. They are usually very light in weight and can be finished to match any brand image you wish.

These signs are best for businesses that are open late or after hours and are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. If you are going to mount a halo-lit sign on a dark surface, it is important to use a paint that will reflect the illumination and not absorb it. If you choose a non-reflective material for your halo-lit sign, you should add a backer panel to prevent the illumination from bleeding out. If you are using LED modules, it is essential to have enough power for a bright illumination bed. If you have too few LEDs, your halo-lit sign will appear dim and may look poorly maintained, which can be a strike against your business.

LED Lightbox Signs

Known as light boxes, these illuminated signs are used to display graphic designs and advertisements that will get your business noticed. They are commonly used on pylons, monuments and storefronts as well as in shopping plazas and malls. Their bright colors are eye-catching during the day and at night. They amplify the message and make your logo stand out in a sea of competing signage.

Unlike other electric signs, which have to be manually opened to change the graphic, light box signs allow the sign owner to simply insert and remove a new film sheet. This feature makes them a good choice for businesses that need to change their promotional messages regularly. They are also ideal for plazas where tenants move in and out on a regular basis.

Another benefit of these backlit signs is that they help your customers find you. In a survey, business owners who use lighted signs report that they overwhelmingly contribute to customer awareness and navigation.

The majority of illumination options for these types of signs are LEDs (light emitting diodes). They provide an even, clear and vibrant lighting that increases image brightness and contrast. They also offer a longer lifespan than other forms of illumination and generate less heat. Almost all types of signs can be backlit, with the exceptions being banner signs and construction hoardings.

Metal Signs

Known by a variety of names such as EMCs, Electronic Message Centers, Digital Displays and Marquee Signs, these large eye-catching displays are the most versatile way to communicate a business’s messages. They are used indoors and outdoors at a vast range of businesses such as auto dealers, pharmacies, movie theaters, casinos, restaurants, sports arenas, banks, zoos and many others.

LED lights are often used in these types of signs. They offer energy custom illuminated signs efficiency, durability and longevity as well as a sleek and modern appearance. In addition, they are available in a variety of colors. They can also be synchronized for special events or performances.

These signs are fabricated from metals such as aluminum, stainless steel and solid acrylic. They can be fabricated with any type of image and lettering. They can be either front or back-lit. The back-lit signs are sometimes referred to as “halo-lit” signage and can be produced in custom colors for a truly unique look. For instance, UNCW’s halo-lit signage is illuminated in their very own Seahawk Teal.

This type of signage is ideal for a wide variety of businesses that need to be visible during the evening. It’s a cost effective way to draw attention even in locations with low foot traffic. It’s also a great way to bring attention to a business that is located in an area of town that isn’t very well known.

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