LED Letter Signs Can Add a New Dimension to Your Logo

Led Letter Signs

LED Letter Signs Can Add a New Dimension to Your Logo

Many sign companies will provide a lump sum estimate to cover installation, sign cost, and project administrative fees. Be sure to evaluate their quote carefully. Ask for a line itemized quote so that you can see exactly what you’re getting for your money.

LED acrylic letter signs can be made in a variety of colors and styles to suit your branding. They’re also very easy to maintain.


The newest lighting options can add a new dimension to your logo and make it stand out even in lower-light situations. You can choose from several different backlight settings for an eye-catching branded display that will catch the attention of pedestrians and passing drivers.

Illuminated channel letters are a great choice for businesses that want to make their brand name visible during the day or at night. They also use less electricity than traditional neon or fluorescent tube front-lit signs.

There are five types of illuminated sign channels. They include Metal Letters-Front Lit, Metal Letters-Halo/Back Lit, 3D Acrylic Letters-Full Lit, 3D Acrylic Letters-Halo/Back Lit, and Faux Neon Signs.

The most common type of illuminated sign is a front-lit channel letter set, which consists of stainless steel returns and an acrylic face that lights up from the front. They are often used in shopping malls and other large retail stores. They can be controlled by a switch or a photocell to turn them on at night and off during the day. They can be combined with a halo-lit or back-lit channel letter to create a hybrid sign.


Whether you’re looking for a simple way to display your company name or an eye-catching sign that will attract customers, you’ll find the perfect option in LED acrylic letter signs. These letters are made from aluminum, which is a heavy-duty material that appears to stand up well against the elements, including heat, rain, snow, ice, and wind. They are also illuminated by LED lights, creating a vibrant and eye-catching display that will stand out even in the dark.

Another benefit of these signs is their versatility. They can be used indoors Led Letter Signs or outdoors, and are often found in retail stores, restaurants, banks, gas stations, schools, and other businesses. They can also be fabricated in various fonts and sizes, making them a great choice for a wide range of businesses.

They are available in several different options, such as open face, halo lit, and reverse lit. They can be made with aluminum sides and backs or with a special polycarbonate called Lexan. The faces can be tinted with special colors using translucent film or they can be completely transparent. They can be programmable to flash or fade, which adds to their appeal and makes them ideal for corporate branding.

High Visibility

A lighted sign is one of the most effective and affordable ways to draw attention to your business. It has high visibility during the daytime and night time, making it a good choice for businesses that want to stand out from their competitors. It also provides a professional look that can help you attract more customers to your business.

There are many different types of lighted channel letter signs to choose from. Some are front-lit while others are back lit and some are halo lit. Front-lit signs are illuminated from the front using modern LED lighting. They are often fabricated from stainless-steel returns and acrylic faces. Back-lit channels are illuminated from the back using LED lights that reflect off the mounting surface to create a “halo” effect around your sign.

Other options include front and side-lit signs that are drilled with small perforations in the side walls of the return to outline your lettering. The LEDs are a much more energy efficient and long-lasting option than traditional fluorescent or neon lighting.

Energy Efficiency

Unlike the neon signs that once dominated illuminated signage, LED channel letters use far less electricity. This makes them much more affordable and environmentally friendly. These signs can also be programmed to display different messages from a remote keyboard or smartphone, which is great for promoting special events or sales.

Aluminum is one of the most commonly used materials for these types of signs because it’s pliable, strong and inexpensive. It’s also able to stand up well against the elements, such as heat, snow, rain, fire and ice. It’s also easy to finish with high quality catalyst paint for years of fade resistant vibrant colors.

If you’re looking for a sign that will make your business pop, a coffee shop sign is the way to go. With the striking look of neon, but all the benefits of LEDs, this sign is a great choice for any business. It will attract a lot of attention from passersby and help you bring in new customers! It’s also easy to customize and can be built with letters that are interchangeable.


While LEDs may last longer than other lights, they can still wear out over time. This Led Letter Signs is why it’s important to find a sign company that handles the design, manufacturing and installation of your channel letter signs to ensure you get a good warranty.

If your Houston channel letters appear dim or flicker, this is a sign that something is wrong. This could be as simple as the bulbs wearing out or it could be more serious such as a power fluctuation or even an overloaded circuit.

Other common problems with Houston channel letter signage include fading color from sun exposure and other environmental factors. Additionally, the acrylic faces of these signs are prone to scratching and can be damaged by vandalism. Regardless of the problem, it’s important to address any issues with your Houston channel letters as soon as possible to avoid further damage and save money on repairs. Also, be sure to consult with your sign company or read your lease agreement and local sign ordinances carefully. These requirements typically require all electric signs and lighting equipment to be listed and bonded to the equipment grounding conductor.

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