Illuminated Snap Frame Light Boxes

Illuminated Snap Frame Light Boxes

Illuminated snap frame light boxes are versatile wall displays that work well in many environments. They can be wall-mounted for a sleek look or freestanding to add a bold dimension to your exhibit.

The snap frame mechanism allows easy graphic changes without the use of tools. This lighted poster display frame is also a more energy efficient option than traditional tube-rated lightboxes.

Easy to Change Graphics

The snap frame light box offers a user-friendly design that makes it easy to change posters and other graphics. The heavy-duty frame has four rails that make up the edge of the frame, and they snap open to allow a graphic to be removed or replaced without having to worry about complicated installation instructions or specialized tools. The frame is also a very durable and attractive addition to your wall display, and it is available in five standard finishes or can be powder coated to match any color.

The LED light panels are situated behind the front panel of the frame, providing bright illumination to showcase your visuals. Some models are less than 1” deep and are designed to fit ADA compliance regulations for public areas. They’re also incredibly energy efficient, consuming significantly less power than the traditional florescent backlit signage that uses bulbs to illuminate a poster or advertisement.

All you have to do is flip open the silver snapping frame pieces, remove the existing graphic and insert a new one. Your images and artwork will be instantly visible to customers or passersby, thanks to the built-in LED lighting system in the frame and high-gloss backlit film material.


If you have a large poster or image that requires an illuminated display, the Snap Frame Light Box is an excellent choice for your next project. This durable lighted framing system is wall mounted with a slim 1-inch profile, and the front rails of the aluminum frame easily snap open to front load graphics without the need for tools.

The frame uses the latest LED edge-lit diffusion panel technology to evenly distribute lighting across your backlit graphic. The result is a brighter, more even light Snap Frame Light Box distribution that can draw the attention of passersby and enhance your message or visuals. The LED lighted frame is energy efficient, cool running, and long lasting.

The aluminum frame and front panel have classic mitered corners that make it a visually appealing sign design that complements many environments. These slim LED lighted frames also feature hinged covers that allow you to remove and replace your custom printed posters or images without having to take down the frame or use any tools.

This user friendly illuminated framed display is used by retailers, malls, banks and credit unions, restaurants and food establishments, hotels and casinos, photography studios and healthcare facilities. It is also the perfect solution for tradeshow booths and other corporate presentations, event signage and advertising applications. You can find these wall mount light boxes in a variety of standard sizes with popular satin silver and black frame finishes. Custom size and color LED lighted frames are also available.

Energy Efficient

Unlike florescent backlit light boxes that require a lot of maintenance, these LED lighted snap frames are easy to update. Just snap open each frame edge, remove the existing graphic transparency and insert a new one. You can even do this while the display is mounted on the wall and you won’t have to take it down.

These lighted snap frame displays have a slender design that works well with any decor. Measuring 0.7″ (18mm) thick, they feature energy-efficient LED bulbs that are bright enough to easily illuminate posters and graphics. They also use 70 to 80% less electricity than traditional tube-rated poster light boxes.

Whether you’re looking for a way to display your business logo, promote upcoming events, show off your latest product line or advertise special deals, these lighted light boxes are the perfect solution. They’re easy to install and they’ll help you draw attention from customers and passersby.

These UL-listed, wall-mounted snap frame LED light boxes are ideal for many indoor retail environments and business settings including shopping malls, airports, theatres, casinos, banks and financial institutions and automotive showrooms. They can be used to showcase Duratrans backlit graphics or other high-quality images printed on a clear film that is then inserted into the frame. The aluminum light box display is also a great option for displaying business information and point-of-purchase signage.

Low Maintenance

The 11 x 17 Snap Frame LED Light Box utilizes a sleek and thin panel design with a low profile metal frame. It is easy to mount and install on a wall, and it can be positioned in either portrait or landscape orientation. The lighted poster display fixture has cool white LED lighting strips that are guided through an etched matrix acrylic grid for even illumination on all sides of the frame. This is an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lighting option that can last for years without needing replacement bulbs.

This LED lighted sign frame has a fast-change system that Snap Frame Light Box allows you to change out posters and other printed materials quickly. You can do this by hand without taking the lighted signage down. Simply flip open the frame rails, remove the thin PET-G anti-glare protective lens, place your printed material, then replace the lens cover and snap shut the frame. It only takes a couple of minutes to make this change.

This lighted poster display is perfect for retail stores, corporate facilities, hotels, showrooms, museums and other businesses that need to showcase their branding and promotional materials in a high-traffic area. The aluminum snap frame is weatherproof, and it comes with a rubber gasket lining on the inside perimeter to prevent tampering or moisture penetration. Contact us today to request a quote or additional information about this product!

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