Snap Frame Light Box

Snap Frame Light Box

Snap frame light boxes look like oversized picture frames and are front-loaded, allowing users to change posters and graphics instantly. They are easy to install and come in various sizes to accommodate a wide variety of advertising and signage needs.

These wall mounted LED lighted displays utilize energy efficient, UL approved lighting components and offer long lasting performance. They are available in slim and sleek models for numerous interior retail store, corporate, institution, exhibit or point of purchase applications.

Easy to Install

The aluminum snap frame design of these LED light box displays makes them easy to install. They are available in both edgelit and backlit models and can be wall-mounted or ceiling suspended. They can also be crafted as single-sided or double-sided frames and can be custom sized to fit your specific needs. These LED light boxes are CSA/UL approved and come with a long warranty period.

LED lighting built into the frame of these frames evenly enlightens your graphic or poster to make it prominent and visible, grabbing the attention of passersby. The backlit film material on these frames is a high-gloss and customized to your business or brand.

The snap frame design of these lighted poster displays opens on all four sides to enable easy and quick graphic changeovers without any tools needed. Simply “snap” the poster frame edges open, remove or replace your existing graphics and then snap them shut again. This simple, time-saving operation allows for a fast and efficient way to change your promotional content and engage passersby and customers.

Easy to Change Graphics

Lightboxes are a great way to attract attention from potential customers in a retail store, showroom, restaurant or living room. They feature LED bulbs built into the frame and a custom printed backlit film material that illuminates your images. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Some models are even ADA compliant.

The snap-open silver metal frame on these backlit display cases is quick to change, typically taking less than a minute. All you have to do is flip open the frame, remove the PET-G anti-glare protective lens, place your graphic, and then snap shut.

These backlit displays feature edge-lit technology, which brightens and brings to life your posters, graphics, photography or signage with a low profile that won’t intrude on the surrounding environment. They have a wall-hugging 0.96-inch depth and use a durable acrylic diffusion panel that’s energy efficient, cool running and offers even illumination without shadowing or over-bright spots. They are a smart and economical choice for businesses, government agencies and schools looking to bring their messages to life.

Energy Efficient

Snap frame light boxes are ideal for retail or hospitality applications that require a highly visible display. The frames have a translucent front panel that is illuminated with LED Snap Frame Light Box lights. These LEDs are evenly spread across the front of the frame, boosting visibility and drawing attention. This type of light box is also energy efficient and is designed to be environmentally friendly.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, snap frame light boxes are affordable and easy to use. They can be used in a variety of locations, including restaurants, hotels, malls, and airports. They are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. They are also ideal for displaying posters and advertisements.

The 11 x 17 Illuminated Snap Frame has a slim 1″ wide metal frame profile and features a durable black anodized finish. Its easy-to-change lighted frame design takes less than a minute to change. Simply open the silver snapping frame pieces, take out the PET-G anti-glare protective lens, place your printed graphic sheet, put back the lens cover, and snap shut.


The LED panel technology has seen some serious advancements in the past Snap Frame Light Box years and this has resulted in lighter and thinner light box structures. This can be a great advantage for those who want their light box to have a sleek appearance because the structure will be more compact and will practically lie flat on the mounting structure.

Snap frame LED Light Boxes are perfect for retail environments, corporate offices, eye-catching trade show graphics and more. They are made with a durable aluminum frame that protects the graphics from damage and ensures consistent lighting throughout the display, which is essential for visual impact and comprehensibility.

These LED lighted frames accept posters and paper signs up to 0.008 inch thick. They are wall mounted and can be positioned vertically or horizontally. Their 1 inch lift up profile in a silver matte color makes them a stylish and durable option for commercial applications. They are also easy to use and front load, allowing you to change your graphics without taking them down from the installed position.


Snap Frame Light Box is a versatile and cost-effective way to showcase visual graphics in a range of settings. Its sleek design and user-friendly mechanism enables rapid graphic replacement for businesses that need to quickly adapt their marketing content. It also offers a long lifespan and minimal energy usage, making it a smart choice for businesses seeking to reduce their environmental impact.

This slim LED lightbox display utilizes new edge-lit technology to brightly showcase your posters, signs, photography and advertising graphics. The light is guided through an etched matrix on the acrylic panel and bounces off a white reflective backer, which enhances your printed material. This smart lightbox display requires low voltage and energy costs, and is easy to install.

This illuminated poster display case works well in restaurants, retail stores, movie theaters and more. The stylish aluminium profile blends in well with pre-existing storefront displays, and the LED lights help minimize your electricity bills. It is a great option for businesses that need to change posters often, and the quick changing mechanism helps reduce downtime.

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