The Auto Fill Beer Glass

The Auto Fill Beer Glass

Using the right glass is vital for serving beer. It can help to create the proper head and improve the overall taste of the beer. Moreover, it can prevent the beer from oxidizing.

The secret is a hole in the bottom of specially designed glasses. The hole is covered by a magnet that bar staff can move to break the seal and let beer flow into the glass.

Easy to use

The auto fill beer glass is a new invention by Josh Springer, CEO of GrinOn Industries. It uses a special dispenser to fill cups from the bottom, eliminating the foamy head that slows traditional tap pours and saves a lot of wasted beer. The system works with plastic cups and has two modes: AUTOMATIC and MANUAL. In AUTOMATIC mode, a bartender can snap the cup into place and walk away knowing that it will be filled to a pre-programmed level.

The secret to the system is magnets. The bottom of each cup has a large, fridge-magnet-style floppy circle that sits on a hole in the base that is surrounded by a tin ring. When the nozzle is pushed up, it lifts the magnetic ring and breaks the seal so that beer can flow into the cup. Once the cup is finished, the beer dispense stops automatically.

It’s a simple design, but it makes the process of drinking a beer faster and easier than ever. It also eliminates the waste that is often associated with traditional counter-pressure bottle fillers. Moreover, the system is designed for high production and provides an easy to clean, hygienic, and efficient solution for all kinds of beer bottles.

Easy to clean

There is a delicate process that goes into creating beer. Every step, from harvesting grains and malting to brewing and bottling, is focused on quality and consistency. But the final product can suffer if a dirty glass is used to serve it. A beer’s flavor, carbonation, and appearance are all compromised by a dirty glass. So, when it comes to beer glasses, clean enough isn’t good enough – you need to have a glass that is “beer clean”.

A beer-clean glass has no visible residues like fingerprints or lipstick. The glass should also be free of fat or auto fill beer glass soap residues that can cause a film that interferes with the speedy release of carbonation, which in turn will change the beer’s taste and mouthfeel. In addition, odors absorbed from stale air, smoke, or drying towels can also give the beer a bad taste.

To ensure beer-clean glassware, wash the glasses in a three-tub sink with hot water and odorless detergent. After washing, rinse the glasses by dunking them in the second tub with cold water. Then, sanitize the glasses in the third tub with water and an approved beer glass cleaner or sanitizer. Rinse the glass from heel to toe auto fill beer glass to make sure that all surfaces are completely sanitized. In addition, store beer-clean glassware in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.

Easy to store

A good beer glass can enhance the taste of your drink. The glass should be large enough to fit a generous head of foam and allow you to swirl the liquid to activate its aromas. It should also have a narrow top to keep the foam from spilling over. There are many different styles of glasses, each designed to accentuate particular characteristics or flavors. For example, tulip-shaped glasses are ideal for hoppy beers.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Two inventors are making big bucks with creative innovations of traditional products. Josh Springer is the CEO of GrinOn Industries, which makes a special dispenser that pairs with a specially designed cup to fill beer from the bottom up. A magnet at the bottom of the cup seals the hole surrounded by a metal ring when it’s on the dispenser, but when you put the cup on a nozzle the magnet breaks the seal and beer flows into the cup.

The device, called a Teku, has become so popular that it’s practically a subculture. Fans queue up outside Other Half Brewing Company in Brooklyn on Saturday mornings to buy small-batch beers and limited-edition Teku beer glasses emblazoned with unique designs. It won’t turn you into a cicerone overnight, but it’s a fun way to celebrate your favorite brew. And if you don’t want to carry a full Teku around with you, you can store it easily in your bag or in your car’s beverage cooler.

Easy to transport

The auto fill beer glass is a plastic cup that has a hole in the bottom that is wide enough for a nozzle to be inserted. There is a circular magnet inside that lifts when the nozzle is pushed up, and the cup is sealed when it’s empty. This technology eliminates waste and increases the speed of service. It’s also portable, which makes it easy to transport from bar to bar.

Many different styles of beer have specific glassware that accentuates their characteristics or flavors. For example, a glass for an IPA is designed to showcase the beer’s aroma. Similarly, a tulip-shaped glass is designed to draw out the flavor of the beer. Specialty glasses can also encourage a thick head of foam that releases carbonation.

While the US has been slow to adopt the mindset that great beer deserves great glassware, it is catching up. For example, Brooklyn’s Other Half Brewing Company has a reputation for selling limited-edition Teku glassware, with dozens of designs ranging from South Park characters to solar eclipses. The glasses are so popular that customers have been waiting outside the brewery at dawn on Saturdays to buy them.

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