Vial Filling and Capping Machine

Vial Filling and Capping Machine

A vial filling and capping machine is the ideal solution for bottling injection liquid in vials. These machines are compact and can be used in sterile areas or clean rooms.

They work by combining washing, sterilizing, liquid filling, and cap placement into one frame. All the mechanisms are synchronized to keep production running smoothly.


Vial filling is an essential process that ensures the pharmaceutical product stays immaculate inside. Without this, the medicinal value of the drug will be compromised. A vial filling machine is an efficient way to do this quickly and accurately. These machines use sensors to prevent contamination and provide precise volumes. They also have built-in quality control tools to reduce the risk of defects. They are typically rated in terms of production output in vials per minute and filling accuracy.

The device receives sterile vials through a conveyor belt and then indexes them to the filling station. The vials are then filled using a syringe and nozzle. During this process, the nozzles are held by the star wheel for precise filling. Once the vials have been filled, they are delivered to the rubber stoppering system through a conveyor for sealing.

Unlike other vial filling and capping machines, groninger’s solution uses a single disc sealing mechanism to minimize the number of particles that can get into the container. This is beneficial for high-value pharmaceutical products such as vaccines, viral vectors, orphan drugs, cell and gene therapies, sensitive proteins, biosimilars, and veterinary products. The system can also be used to process a wide variety of vial shapes and sizes.


Vial filling machines that include stoppering equipment allow you to complete the entire production process in one machine. They’re vial filling and capping machine typically used for pharmaceutical, essential oil, injection, cosmetic, healthy beverage, and other specialized liquid production. They’re also designed to meet high product quality standards as well as cGMP guidelines.

These machines have minimal distance between the bottle infeed and outfeed conveyors, which prevents contamination. They’re also designed with a ss slat conveyor that eliminates dead ends and difficult-to-clean spots. In addition, they have a diving nozzle system that can be used for foam free filling and are built from stainless steel materials to make them resistant to corrosion.

Vials can be filled and sealed at a rate of up to 200 containers per minute with an outstanding fill accuracy of +-0.5%. They can be adapted to handle a variety of container sizes, heights, and neck sizes and are available with different options including full or partial insertion of umbrella stoppers.

These machines are fully integrated and consist of a series vial washing machine, circulating heated air sterilizing tunnel, and liquid filling and capping machine. They’re suitable for both lyophilized and liquid products and can be connected to a labeller or date coding machine. The entire system is operated by a PLC control with a human-machine interface. This ensures that the operator can easily and precisely input parameter.


A vial capping machine can seal your pharmaceutical product with a variety of different types of aluminum caps. These machines can be used in conjunction with a vial filling and sterile sealing machine or operate independently. They are also able to automatically apply the cap and seal it, saving you valuable time and energy.

The process of capping vials begins when the machine receives a container with a sterile lid. It then applies the cap to the container using a rotating nozzle. These machines are designed to guarantee a hermetic seal and ensure the safety of your drug. They are also easy to clean and can be installed in contamination-controlled environments or under isolator conditions.

Vial Cap Sealing Machine is a vial filling and capping machine continuous-motion rotary machine that can apply a wide range of flip-off or special design caps to vials. It can also be used to remove old caps from vials before applying a new one. This type of machine is highly efficient, durable and easy to maintain.

Stoppering Unit consist of Starwheel, Vibrator unit & Bowl. The sterilized & siliconised rubber stoppers stored in the vibrator bowl will get in to the chute which is designed for the desired stopper/ bung size, at same time while vial coming out from filling unit gets index into the star wheel & move in rotary motion, during movement it will pick up the rubber stopper from the exit end of chute and rubber stopper will be pressed by fix single pressing roller which is spring loaded.


The vial filling and capping machine is designed for packaging liquid products into glass vials. It is able to provide accurate and precise volumetric liquid filling for minimizing product loss. The device also places a rubber stopper on the head of the vial. The system is capable of handling high production rates and can complete three sealing and capping operations per minute.

The incoming dry vials are sterilized and siliconized before being fed on to the Stainless Steel slat conveyor belt for correct placement below the filling machine. The vials are then fed into the filling machine through a star wheel, which holds the vials during the filling process. The syringes and nozzles are made of AISI SS 316L materials. The syringes are driven by an eccentric block, which can be adjusted according to the required volume. The filling head is controlled by a digital counter that displays the amount of filling.

The machine has a unique design that makes it easy to use and clean. It is designed with a stainless steel frame and aluminum alloy for the conveyors. This ensures that the hygienic integrity of the machinery is maintained and that it can be used for a variety of applications. Its modular design allows for easy maintenance and is ideal for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, food and biotech companies.

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