Smart Paper Wristband

Smart Paper Wristband

Smart Paper Wristband

A popular choice for sports events, a student evening or a local party, this wristband is non-transferable thanks to the single-use adhesive closure. It can be easily personalised with your logo or other details.

It’s also great for controlling entries to a long weekend event, with numbered wristbands helping keep track of guests throughout the day. You can even include medical alert information to help guests stay safe in the event of an emergency.


Paper wristbands are an affordable, secure and disposable option to control entry at events. Printed with your logo or message, they also work as great promotional items for brands and businesses. They are also non-transferable due to their adhesive closure. This means people cannot swap wristbands and gives your event accountability and security. These bands are made of durable Tyvek (r), which is a unique synthetic material invented by DuPont and is highly resistant to tears and moisture.

The tamper-proof, water-resistant and secure nature of these wristbands makes them ideal for use in leisure parks, schools and sports events. They are also a popular choice for identifying patients at hospitals, which can save nurses and doctors time by speeding up the identification process. Designed to resist hand sanitizer, these durable wristbands are scannable and software-validated for accurate patient ID throughout the length of the stay. Powered by Zebra’s ZD510-HC wristband printer, these tamper-resistant wristbands help ensure proper medication administration and procedure monitoring.

Another interesting wristband is the Wove Band, which has a pretty big e-paper display. It can show all kinds of things like the date, weather, notifications and more. Although it is not available for purchase yet, the creators say that it will be released later this year. It is perfect for Smart Paper Wristband awareness campaigns and special events because the display will give the brand a longer interaction with the wearer.


Paper wristbands are great for improving access-control at leisure industry businesses such as amusement parks. They can be numbered for each guest to help staff verify that guests are leaving with the same person with whom they came. This can also help ensure that children are going home with their parents or guardians.

In addition, paper wristbands can be designed to include a unique element that relates to your brand or event. One example of this is the seed paper wristband, which can be planted after the event to grow flowers. This is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic and is a great way to increase brand interaction with your customers. It’s perfect for awareness campaigns and special events. It can also be customized into colorful and fun designs to give your brand an elite feel.


Businesses like amusement parks need wristbands to help with their access-control. These can be used to verify the age of the guests and also to control who has general admission or VIP admission. It helps them handle the crowds and also improves security.

Paper Wristband is a great option for access-control, age verification, and group identification. It can also be used to promote your event. You can even add a custom logo to make your wristbands more unique. Seed Paper Wristbands are ideal for awareness campaigns and special events. They can be planted to grow flowers, making them a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic.

To authenticate the bracelet on a smartphone, the official application sends one of four services. Each of these is flagged with ‘CharacteristicNotification’ – this tells the bracelet to notify the app of changes in its characteristics. The app then reads the byte array beginning with 200f1f and then another byte array called authBytes.


Paper wristbands are perfect for access-control at events. Printed with sequential numbers, these tamper-proof bands help you control entry and reduce event crashers. Moreover, they are inexpensive and can be ordered in bulk. Besides helping you with crowd-control, they also create an impression of your brand. They are also an excellent option for hospital patient identification.

Besides providing security, paper wristbands can be customized to match the theme of Smart Paper Wristband the event. They are great for birthday parties, clubs, sports events, school & college annual day and more. They can be customized in full color and are non-tearable, so they can last a long time.

They also have security cuts and adhesive closures that must be destroyed to remove them from the wrist. In addition to this, they have tabs over the adhesive that stay attached to prevent litter and ensure that only those who want to wear them can do so. The best part is that they can be used as plantable bracelets for awareness campaigns or special events. This helps the recipient save and reuse the bracelet after the event.

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