Wood Card Review

Wood Card

Wood Card Review

Wood Card is a credit card made of recycled materials. Its manufacturer is committed to sustainability, and plants a tree for every $50 spent on the card. It also offers a number of other green features.

Jonas Wood’s off-kilter realism is often compared to David Hockney’s, and he cites the British artist as one of his major influences. However, his art is about more than basketball.


Powered by a tree-planting search engine, this wooden Mastercard aims to help users track and reduce their environmental impact. Treecard charges retailers a fee each time you use the card, and recoups that cost by planting one tree for every $60 spent. Its debit cards are made from sustainably-sourced FSC cherry wood and work with Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. The startup also donates 80% of its profits to reforestation projects.

The British fintech firm raised $23 million in a series A round to support the expansion of its climate-conscious digital money management platform and debit card. Investors included Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures, as well as EQT and seed-stage investment firm Seedcamp. The round underscores increasing interest by VC investors in companies that tackle climate change.

Treecard’s business model relies on a prepaid debit card that can be loaded from a bank account and used at any retailer online or in-store. It works in the same way as cards from Chime, Revolut, and N26. The app helps consumers track spending and emissions, and provides a breakdown of their individual impacts.

The company’s debit card is made from sustainable FSC-certified cherry Wood Card wood, which eliminates the need for plastic production. It also supports reforestation projects in partnership with the green search engine Ecosia. It’s available in the US now, and will launch next year in Europe.


Tagify is a jQuery plugin that turns an information field or textarea into a Tags component in a straightforward, adjustable way. It additionally offers a vanilla JavaScript variant to actualize the tags contribution in unadulterated JavaScript.

The plugin has a few advanced features that can make it more useful, such as removing the default values from the dropdown menu and replacing them with your own, custom ones. It can also help you to format text fragments, including converting them to upper or lower case. It can also remove unnecessary spaces and replace them with your custom identifiers.

With the Tagify plugin, you can create a dynamic list of tags and use them as a filter for any input. The dynamic list can be created from a database query, an API data source or even from a HTML file. This makes it easier for users to search for a specific item in the data set.

You can configure the settings for Tagify to show suggestions in a selectbox when the input has focus. This can be done by setting the value of the searchBy property to a string or an object. For example, if you set searchBy to “Israel”, a suggestion listener will be triggered Wood Card when the text is typed and a dropdown with suggestions will appear. However, this feature needs to be toggled – see the settings for more information.

My NFC Business Cards

NFC digital business cards are a great way to save paper and make networking easier. They can also be used to share links to your website and social media pages. In addition, they can contain your contact details, and they will update automatically when you change your information.

NFC technology stands for near field communication, and it can be used to transfer data between devices within a short range. It can also be used to trigger certain actions when tapped against an NFC-enabled device, such as a smartphone or tablet. These cards are a great alternative to traditional paper business cards, which can be difficult to keep track of and may be misplaced easily.

There are a few different types of NFC business cards available on the market, including the Linq and Mobilo Card. The Linq NFC card is ideal for creative professionals who need to showcase their work, such as photographers and digital artists. The Mobilo Card is designed for small businesses and offers advanced features, such as CRM integration and social media links.

Another popular NFC business card is the V1CE, which allows you to customize your business profile with a link to your website and social media accounts. You can also add map data to the card, which is useful if you have a physical location or office. The cards are also durable, which is important if you want to keep your contact information safe and secure.

Woodchuck USA

Founded in 2012, Woodchuck USA manufactures technology-driven wood products such as high-end bottle openers, notebooks and flasks. They also customize wood-encased gifts for companies and individuals. Their mission is to bring nature back into people’s lives. They are based in Minnesota.

After a failed attempt at selling their wooden smartphone and tablet covers in Target stores, founder Ben VandenWymelenberg refocused his business to become a custom supplier of gift items for big businesses such as the NFL, Nike, Facebook, and AT&T. The company has seen a 200 percent increase in revenue over the past two years and is poised to reach $7 million this year, according to VandenWymelenberg.

Wood cards are made of eco-friendly, biodegradable materials such as bamboo, cherry, and maple. They are also available in a variety of finishes and engraving styles. They are a stylish alternative to traditional paper business cards. They are a great way to show off your personality and make a lasting impression.

These wooden cards feature near-field communication (NFC) technology, allowing you to easily share your contact information with other NFC-enabled devices. To use the card, simply tap it against an NFC-enabled device. The NFC tag is hidden inside the wood, which ensures a clean aesthetic. These cards are a great way to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. They are a little more expensive than paper business cards, but they are more durable and will last longer.

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