Top 5 Shooting Games for the Oculus Rift

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Top 5 Shooting Games for the Oculus Rift

Shooting games are one of the first genres of video games that most gamers latch onto. VR gaming makes these games even more immersive and engaging.

Into the Radius is a Singleplayer survival shooter that provides tense, high-octane action. It features dexterous weapon handling gameplay and a gripping storyline. Beat Saber combines rhythm and shooting in an incredible lightsaber workout game.

Sniper Elite VR

Sniper Elite VR sets a new high bar for the genre on Oculus Quest and is a must-have title. It also makes a fantastic showcase for the system’s hardware, with an oozing sense of class and quality that’s hard to match.

As you’d expect, this Sniper Elite entry ditches the series’ traditional third-person gameplay for a first-person perspective but it doesn’t lose any of the charm or action that fans have long come to love. Taking place during World War II, the game carries over many of the hallmarks such as the morbid X-ray close-ups that show enemy soldiers’ guts and brains blowing out in alarming detail.

The controls feel solid. Using the PlayStation Move wands is preferable as it allows for free movement while still vr shooting game giving you control of your weapons, though you can play seated too (though this causes unreliable interactions with your gear). The only niggle is that gun handling feels a bit unrefined; firing pistols and SMGs often miss their targets while reloading takes longer than you’d expect by simply waving a clip in front of the breach.

Sniper Elite VR’s story is intriguing and it’s a pleasure to read the journal entries that provide insight into your character’s past as an elite sniper in WWII Italy. However, the level structure destroys any immersion and pace that could have been achieved by ejecting you back to the menu at the end of each segment.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Immerse yourself in the walker-infested world of The Walking Dead in a fully-immersive first-person experience that takes full advantage of virtual reality. Fight, scavenge and survive in this broken world ravaged by violence, disease, famine, and a horde of living enemies. Meet desperate factions and lone survivors that will either help or hinder you. Whether you decide to play as a saint or sinner, every decision you make will impact the world around you.

The game’s dark and gritty environments, including a cemetery crypt and an abandoned high school, provide the perfect backdrop to this apocalyptic drama. The lighting and audio are incredibly immersive, helping to create an unsettling atmosphere that will leave you on edge. The use of haptic feedback also adds to the realism, from the feel of pulling a trigger to the weight of a gun in your hand.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners’ gameplay is a combination of combat, stealth, climbing and RPG elements. Despite some technical issues, like the NPC audio issue and lack of physical crouch, it’s still one of the best VR games available. This is especially true for untethered room-scale play, where you can grab walls to peer vr shooting game around them, crouch under objects to enter low spaces, and move at your own pace while keeping an eye out for threats from any direction.

Doom 3

Originally released in 2004, Doom 3 was an action horror first-person shooter game that made a significant mark for itself with its groundbreaking graphics and sound. The game was developed by id Software and used their award winning “id Tech 4” engine. The game was also praised for its narrative and its use of high end audio. It was one of the most anticipated games in 2003 along with Halo 2 and Half-Life 2.

The story takes place two years after an unexplained disaster at the Union Aerospace Corporation’s Mars research facility where they were testing teleportation. The experiments opened a gateway to hell and caused a catastrophic invasion of demons. The player controls a marine that is sent to the facility to fight the demonic horde and save humanity.

Doom 3 features some of the most terrifying monsters in a video game as well as a story that has been praised for its effectiveness and creativity. The game’s characters are also memorable and the world of Doom is alive with little details that make it feel more real. For instance, the labs and offices have posters, calendars and pictures that give it a sense of personality.

In comparison to the original PC version, the Xbox port has a few shortcomings. Some of the textures are less detailed and the Xbox version has to split some levels into parts due to console limitations. The console’s NV2A processor is also a generation behind the recommended video card for the PC version (an ATI Radeon 9700).

Pistol Whip

Inspired by adrenaline pumping action movies like John Wick and Equilibrium, Pistol Whip puts you gun-first into a fever dream of hand-crafted scenes set to breakneck music. Infiltrate and battle in a cinematic symphony of violence, forming your own rhythm and finding your playstyle as you shoot, melee, and dodge bullets Matrix-style to the beat of the music.

Each scene sees you moving forward down a corridor, gun in hand, as enemies spawn from the shadows or warp in to take you out. Enemies reload and reload very quickly, so it’s important to hit your target while they’re still exposed. Dodging bullets requires a deep understanding of their position and trajectory, and is done via physical movement or leaning rather than pressing mapped buttons. This creates a real sense of ’embodiment’ and makes it really feel like the enemy is in your personal space, even though you can’t physically touch them.

Pistol Whip’s graphical style is eye catching and vibrant, matching fractal designs with darker neon scenes. This gives the game a visual look that can break and pulse with the beat of each scene’s music, adding to the feeling of being caught up in the moment.

The game also adds in a variety of weapons and enemies, as well as multiple levels of difficulty, to help players find their own groove. For players who get hooked on maximizing their score there are global and friend leaderboards to try and conquer. Pistol Whip is an insanely fun, downright hectic experience that will leave you aching for more.

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