PVC Card Manufacturer

pvc card manufacturer

PVC Card Manufacturer

Distributor of plastic identification cards. Includes ID card printers, ID cameras and accessories. Offers cards with magnetic stripe and smart chip encoding. Also carries ID badge holders and lanyards.

Eco-friendly PVC options are available to meet customer demand. These substrates are derived from recycled sources and can contain up to 80% less raw materials than traditional PVC.

Image Grade

PVC cards are produced in a variety of thicknesses or gauges. These gauges have specific uses that range from 10 mil cards to 30 mil cards for more rugged use such as in harsh environments.

A key to making a good card is the outer coating pvc card supplier of the PVC. This coating determines how well a card prints, or if it can be printed at all. A coating can also make a card rigid or flexible.

The process of producing a card is complicated because it involves a multitude of materials and variables that can affect how the card performs. It is vital that the manufacturer be aware of and sensitive to these variables in order to produce a quality product. For example, a single ingredient in the mix like red or green can change the color of the entire stack. This can cause major problems when a single sheet is run through the machine.

Credit Card Size

PVC card manufacturers are designing products that generate less waste plastic and paper, to help support the growing demand for eco-friendly solutions. These eco-friendly cards are a great choice for retailers that want to offer a reward program to their customers. In addition, the card is designed to serve as visual identification.

Distributors offer ID card printers & systems with printing software to create RFID, smart cards, magnetic stripe and barcode technology on a variety of materials including PVC. These systems print a range of ID cards for employee, customer and student identification. In addition, they can print lanyards & accessories for use with ID card systems. They also distribute high-tech industrial inks & varnishes for use with card printers. These high-performance inks & varnishes minimize pollution and reduce carbon emissions, to support the industry’s sustainability goals. The inks & varnishes are suitable for the production of high-quality, durable PVC cards.

Large Format

PVC card manufacturers are incorporating security features to meet the increasing demand for eco-friendly cards. This includes using holographic overlays and luster ribbons that add visual security to prevent counterfeiting. They are also utilizing recycled substrates that contain 80% less first-used plastic and paper to reduce pollution and carbon emissions. In addition, industry designers are creating inks and varnishes for industrial printing that generate fewer waste streams while maintaining print quality.

Most standard ID card printers are able to print on credit card size PVC cards called CR80, which is 3.375” x 2.125”, the same as a credit or debit card. Some of these ID card printers can also print on composite PVC-PET cards which use 60% of the same material as a credit or debit card and 40% PET plastic. This allows the cards to be printed with a barcode, magnetic stripe and photo.


Manufacturer & distributor of PVC blank ID, plastic & identification cards. Other products include strap clips, lanyards & arm bands for ID card printers. Services offered include printing company name, position, identification number, bar code & mag stripe on identification cards.

A composite card is a plastic ID card that consists of a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) core flanked by polyester sides. This combination of materials is better able to withstand high temperatures during pvc card supplier the printing process and harsh environments. It is also more durable than a PVC card.

The type of card material your institution chooses will have a direct impact on its durability. Other factors that influence the longevity of a plastic card are its lamination and thickness. The best choice is a card with a laminate overlay and a thick enough layer to protect the images and bar codes from wear and tear.

Magnetic Stripe

Manufacturer of identification cards for healthcare, auto insurance and business, association and museum memberships as well as name badges. Also offers barcode, loyalty and magnetic stripe ID cards made of PVC, polyester and paper materials. Digital decals, door hangers and shipping labels are produced as well. Services include monochrome or full color printing, barcodes & smart chip encoding. Made in the USA.

Provides high-end digital plastic card printers for all types of applications, including card production, personalization and identification. Offers blank or printed cards, barcode & magnetic stripe encoding and printing, and smart chip encoding with contact, contactless and RFID technologies.

Designed for Fargo UltraCard card printers, these 30-mil CR-80 PVC cards feature a high-coercivity magnetic stripe for encoding employee or membership data. These cards are a standard size for most workflows, with a gloss surface for excellent dye receptivity and an even and flat surface that works with all printers.

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PVC ID cards may look like a single thin piece of plastic, but the quality of the card depends on how many layers are within it. A card with a lot of internal layers will be able to withstand the heat of printing and last for a longer time than a card that is made with just a chuck of plastic in the middle.

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