How to Use Embossing to Enhance Your Printing

How to Use Embossing to Enhance Your Printing

Printing Options

Embossing is an effective printing technique that 100gsm shining polyester 3d embossed can elevate the look of your finished product. It’s often used on invitation cards, hangtags, business cards, and other print materials to create a 3d effect that adds a touch of class and texture. This process involves using male and female etched dies to raise letters or designs above the paper’s surface. The result is an eye-catching, attention-grabbing element that helps your printed material stand out from the crowd.

The embossed printing process also makes it easy to highlight important elements in your design, such as text and logos. It’s a great way to make your business cards and other marketing collateral feel more luxurious, while also making them more memorable for 100gsm shining polyester 3d embossed your customers. Embossing can be combined with foil stamping for an even more striking look.

Another option is to use a spot UV finish, which adds a layer of thick, shiny gloss that makes your design pop and makes it easier for your clients to see and read the information on the card. Spot UV is particularly useful for visuals and text, and it’s an excellent choice for highlighting key details that can help your client remember your business. This type of finish can be added to both sides of your business card and is available in a variety of colors.

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