Nissan N-1 BOSS KIT

Nissan N-1 BOSS KIT


The Nissan N-1 boss kit is compatible with a wide range of Nissan models, ensuring a perfect fit. The kit is designed to enable plug and play installation of aftermarket steering wheels with 6-hole mounting (such as Nardi, Sparco, Personal, Momo etc) on vehicles with a double drilled PCD (12 holes). Where applicable, the boss kit will also deactivate airbag warnings and prevent the warning light from coming on.

All you need to do is unscrew the existing wheel from the splines, remove the old clock spring/squib/horn/HICAS and then simply screw this boss kit on to your Nissan Nissan N-1 BOSS KIT PCD squib/clockspring and bolt in your new aftermarket steering wheel. The kit includes a small mini loom with the horn plug inserted into a spade terminal and a fancy resistor to trick the ECU into thinking the wheel has an airbag connected. This will stop the airbag light from turning on and keep HICAS working.


Manufactured in Japan by HKB, this boss kit is a must-have for any Nissan owner looking to upgrade their steering wheel with a quality aftermarket hub. The N-1 boss kit is designed to fit most Nissan models and is compatible with 99% of steering wheels (Nardi, Personal, Momo, Sparco, OMP…) thanks to its double drilled PCD (12 holes). It is made from high-quality aluminium and features the iconic MOMO logo on the centre. Where applicable, this boss kit allows horn operation, indicator self-cancelling and airbag light cancelling during the installation of an aftermarket steering wheel. MOMO is the pioneer of the collapsible hub system, able to withstand outstanding impacts and deform preventing injury or death in the event of an accident.


Made of durable aluminum in a sleek silver color, the Nissan N-1 boss kit is designed to be a seamless addition to your vehicle when installing a non-airbag steering wheel. With a range of applications that cover most popular Nissan models, the boss kit ensures a snug fit with the original factory steering wheel.

The boss kit features dual mounting points to suit either a SAAS brand steering wheel or compatible aftermarket wheels with 6-bolt mounts such as MOMO, Sparco, Nardi, Personal and OMP. A horn button cut-out is also included to retain your car’s horn function.

HKB boss kits are manufactured in Japan using high-grade materials and feature double drilled PCD (12 holes) that ensure compatibility with most steering wheels (except those that require airbag deactivation). They guarantee a perfect fit, superb quality and an unparalleled finish. Where applicable, HKB boss kits will deactivate the airbag warning light. DR17V MG33S HA24S HA25S HA35S HA34S MF23S JB23 JB43


The Nissan N-1 boss kit is the perfect solution for upgrading your steering wheel to a sports wheel. It is compatible with most Nissan models and ensures a SLING BAG CROSSBODY RACING STRAPS smooth installation process. The boss kit comes with a hub adapter and horn connector to make your aftermarket wheel compatible with the Nissan steering column. It also deactivates the airbag warning light.

To install the boss kit first lock your steering wheel and remove the horn ring or centre cover so you can get to the steering column nut. The nut is 19mm so grab your socket + ratchet and undo. Then wiggle the wheel as you do so to try to loosen it up, it might take some work, but dont yank it off.

Now on one of the hicas tabs there should be a black plug going off it (which connected to the standard wheel horn) just slide this thru the hole on the side of the boss kit. Then on the back of the horn button there should be 2 male connectors, just connect the black plug on the boss kit to one of them and then either screw it into something metal like the main 19mm bolt or grab some electrical tape and tape it down to the hub so its hidden.

Now put the horn plug on the boss kit to the horn connector and connect it up, if your horn doesnt work check the resistor & horn connection are both plugged in (refer to pics in blue squares). Next put the hub nut back on and tighten it.

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