BMW E46 Steering Wheel Hub

BMW E46 Steering Wheel Hub

The E46 steering wheel hub is a strong, high quality, “bolt on” solution for mounting an aftermarket steering wheel to your BMW E46. It is compatible with most aftermarket steering wheels, including those from Driftshop, Nardi, Sparco, and Momo.

The kit is also collapsible, allowing it to absorb outstanding impacts. The kit includes the hub, 6 countersunk screws for mounting the wheel to the hub, and a key.

Steering wheel adapter

Interior accessories are a great way to customize your car’s interior. They can include steering wheels, hubs, quick releases, and shift knobs. These products come in a variety of styles and colors. You can also find accessories like airbags and steering wheel covers to protect your vehicle’s interior from damage. They are also available for all makes and models of cars.

The OMP steering wheel hub is a bolt-on solution that allows you to fit any aftermarket racing steering wheel on your car’s splined steering column. This hub has a 6-bolt pattern and is compatible with many MOMO, Sparco, and other steering wheel brands. This hub kit is made from steel and powder-coated for durability and strength. It includes a short hub adaptor and installation hardware.

The OMP E46 boss kit is a high quality, direct-bolt steering wheel adaptor that fits all aftermarket racing wheels with a 6-bolt standard pattern (except for Nardi and Personal bmw e46 steering wheel hub wheels). Its “slim” design is ideal for tall drivers and narrow interiors. The boss kit is compatible with all aftermarket wheels with a PCD of 6x70mm (an adapter is required for Nardi wheels with a 6x74mm hub). The boss kit is also available in black or red.

Steering wheel hub

Our E46 boss kit is a bolt on solution to mount your MOMO or other 6x70mm steering wheel onto the BMW E46 3 Series (1997-2006). The kit replaces the factory steering wheel and mounts the steering wheel directly to the car. It includes a 6mm hex wrench, allen key, screws and grounding plate. This hub has double PCD (6x70mm and 6×74 mm) and is compatible with most aftermarket steering wheels from Driftshop, Nardi, Sparco, Momo and OMP. The collapsable structure is designed to absorb high impacts and dramatically improve safety levels in the event of a collision. MOMO is the pioneer of this technology and offers the largest catalog of hub kits compatible with hundreds of vehicles.

This is a high quality product cultivated on a CNC machine with above-standard precision. The assembly is very easy and requires no welding. It is compatible with all OMP, Driftshop, Momo and Sparco steering wheels of the same screw pitch.

Steering wheel spacer

The steering wheel spacer is used to bring the car steering wheel and dashboard closer together, allowing for more comfortable driving position and better modulation of the pedals. It is a simple and reversible product, which can be easily uninstalled if the car is resold. It is compatible with all types of cars, and can be used in conjunction with the standard or aftermarket BMW steering wheels.

This is a strong, high quality bolt-on solution for fitting aftermarket steering wheels. It is compatible with all steering wheels that have a double PCD (6×70 and 6×74 mm). The kit includes the hub, clock spring, 6 countersunk screws for mounting the wheel to the hub, allen key, and grounding plate.

This hub is made from an aluminium alloy and has a perfect fit on the steering shaft spline. It is suitable for all MOMO steering wheels, as well as quick release adapters or motorsport steering wheels. The hub is collapsable and designed to absorb impact, ensuring outstanding safety levels in the event of an accident. It also reduces the risk of the wheel falling off the steering column during use, reducing the chances of injury to the driver and passengers. This system is an excellent choice for tall drivers or those who are using their car for racing purposes.

Installation instructions

This Genuine BMW Front Wheel Bearing Hub Assembly includes a new front wheel bearing and axle nut. It also comes with the circlip needed for a proper installation. The bearing has an internal seal that keeps out dirt bmw e36 steering wheel hub and moisture and helps extend the life of the wheel bearing. It is recommended to replace the collar nut with every front wheel bearing change. This replacement will provide the same strength and durability as the original nut.

The first step is to remove the existing axle nut and replace it with the new one. This will require a special tool for the job, and it is important to do so in small increments. You should use a socket wrench that is 27mm to get a good grip on the nut. Once the nut is removed, the gold ring (picture 1) can be removed as well. This ring is needed for the new assembly, so make sure you don’t lose it.

If you’re looking for a quick way to mount your race steering wheel, consider using a hub kit from Turner Motorsport. These kits are compatible with OMP steering wheels and many Sparco, Momo, and other brands with a 6 bolt, 70 mm PCD bolt hole pattern. These hub kits are made of aluminum to reduce weight, and they include all the necessary installation hardware.

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