Tablet Case Suppliers

Tablet Case Suppliers

Tablet Case Suppliers

Whether your tablet case is designed for a specific audience or to make a statement, it needs to balance aesthetics and functionality. A keyboard feature, for example, would be useful for someone who uses a tablet in an office environment.

Build a list of manufacturers that you talk to as you progress through the process. This will keep track of key details and prevent you from losing contact information.


Custom tablet cases are an effective marketing tool that can help your company build brand awareness. Adding your logo to a tablet case or sleeve will expose your brand to potential customers every time they use it. This is particularly useful in places like hotels or restaurants, where tablets are often used to take orders and receive payment.

When ordering a custom tablet case, you can choose from various types of printing methods. The fastest printing options include digital, screen, and IMD. These methods require the least amount of customization, as they apply a design directly to the case. The quality of the print will vary depending on the method and your desired color scheme. You can also choose to add a logo or artwork to the case, but this can increase the production time and costs.

A good manufacturer will be able to produce your tablet case with the exact design you want. They will also have a variety of colors to choose from, including Pantone colors. Pantone colors are a standardized system that allow manufacturers to reference specific colors in any situation. This ensures that your company’s logo and other brand elements will look the same across all mediums.

Some tablet cases are designed to be model-specific, which means that they will only fit a particular kind of tablet. These cases are usually a little closer to tablet sleeves than to full cases, and they will have cut-outs for ports and slots. They may also be designed to accommodate a back camera lens and docking connectors.


If you’re looking for a case that can make your tablet stand out from the crowd, look for a manufacturer who offers Customized Tablet Case custom-printed cases. This can range from putting a logo on a color background to full-artwork designs by an artist. Depending on the size and complexity of the artwork, this service can be quite expensive. It’s also important to find out if the manufacturer has liability insurance, which will protect you in the event of a product recall or damage to the case during production.

When selecting a manufacturer, ask for references. This will help you avoid a bad experience with the manufacturer in the future. A good manufacturing company will be happy to provide you with references. Ask the references for feedback on how well the manufacturer met the deadlines and quality of the products they produced.

When choosing a case manufacturer, be aware of their minimum order quantities (MOQs). These are the number of cases you must purchase from them to get a quote and start the process. While MOQs are often negotiable, be careful not to agree to them before you have a chance to do your due diligence. Taking the time to screen manufacturers will save you money and stress in the long run. In addition, it will prevent your design from being copied by competitors.


Depending on your needs, there are many different materials that tablet case manufacturers use to produce their cases. For example, if you want a rugged case that can withstand rough conditions, look for a manufacturer that uses carbon fiber or another durable material. Alternatively, you can get a more classic look by choosing cases made from materials such as silicone or leather.

It’s also important to ask manufacturers about their facility size and how long they have been in business. These factors will tell you how experienced they are and how well they know the manufacturing process. It’s also worth asking whether they have liability insurance, which can protect you in the event of a problem with your case.

You should also find out how long it will take for the manufacturer to make your tablet case. This will give you a good idea of how serious they are about your project. If they aren’t willing to commit to a reasonable timeframe, you should cross them off your list.

It’s also a good idea to ask about their minimum order quantity (MOQ). Most manufacturers have an MOQ that is based on Tablet Case Suppliers the cost of the material and components that they need to manufacture your case. This is why it’s important to negotiate with them – you may be able to lower the MOQ by offering to pay more for the same product.


While tablet case manufacturers often specialize in specific styles of cases, they also offer a variety of options for branding and finishing. Some manufacturers use heat transfer, which involves printing a design onto special release paper with plastisol-based inks, then pressing it over the case to fuse it to the material. This process is used to print full-color designs on the surface of cases. It is also used to add textures, like leather-like finishes.

When negotiating with manufacturers, ask for samples of their work. This will help you determine their level of quality and whether or not they are a good fit for your project. Serious manufacturers will be happy to send you a sample for free and will quickly respond to your requests. They will also be able to answer your questions about the manufacturing process and any other issues you may have.

If you are considering buying tablet cases from a foreign manufacturer, it is important to understand the terms of the quote. Most quotes will include the product price and a term such as FOB China or FOB LA (freight on board at Los Angeles). These terms indicate that you are responsible for shipping, duties, and customs fees.

The best way to ensure that your tablet cases are of high quality is to choose a manufacturer that uses the Pantone color system. This standardized color matching system allows you to match your colors consistently and easily. This can save time and money during production, as you will not have to re-color products if they are off by even one shade.

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