Ultra Reflector LED Light Bar

Whether you’re running the trail in the dark, or simply want to improve your visibility on the road, LED lights are the way to go. A quality light bar will help you see hazards and other drivers, so you can safely navigate the trails.

Quality light bars come with a wiring harness that includes cables, a fuse holder, and a switch. They may also include snap-on colored lenses.


The COMBOLP-G LED light bar is energy efficient, long lasting and emits a bright white color. This is the ideal solution for any vehicle needing a powerful, yet affordable, all-LED light. This light bar is UL approved and meets the safety standards imposed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). It also features a built in battery backup for power failure protection.

Each Light Bar is made from durable, waterproof, and shockproof 6063 extruded aluminum housing with a polycarbonate lens. It also includes a sealed water proof wiring connector and mounting brackets and hardware. This is the perfect LED light for your John Deere Gator that will add both style and function to your vehicle. The CREE LED lights provide a powerful beam while consuming very little power, and the Combo Beam pattern provides both spot and flood functionality.

These heavy-duty, all LED, lights are engineered to handle the toughest offroad applications. The dual row housing houses high-efficiency CREE LEDs for a powerful, spot and flood combination beam. This makes it possible to illuminate objects at a distance while keeping your eye on the road. The high-efficient heat sink and diecast aluminum housing protect the lights against the elements, and they are designed to last longer than conventional halogen lights.


This LED Light Bar features a combination of Spot and Flood Beams. The slick, single-row design is ideal for off-road applications. It is constructed from corrosion-resistant aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens. It is waterproof and shockproof. It comes with a mounting bracket and hardware for easy installation. It has a 50,000 + hour life span and a high lumens/watt ratio. The light is housed in a 6063 extruded aluminum case and can be mounted on the roof of your truck or off-road vehicle.

The X-Series light bar from Pro Comp is made from an extremely durable, shockproof, and waterproof 6063 aluminum case. It also includes a wiring harness, switch, and relay for simple installation and operation. The 50,000+ hours of life and high lumens/watt ratio makes this a great option for any off-road driver.

One of the biggest things that sets this light bar apart from all others is its Prime Drive technology. This is a patented system Ultra Reflector led light bar that no other manufacturer uses. It allows them to push the 5 watt LED chips to the limit and thermally manage them for optimal performance and long life.

The rugged aluminum body is built to handle the toughest offroad conditions. It has a black anodized finish and is built for optimal heat removal. The slender design allows for easier mounting and eliminates any whistling noise that can occur with traditional LED lights.


Unlike some other lights that can be expensive and cumbersome to carry around, the Z10 is a great choice for people who are looking for a powerful yet compact LED light. It is ideal for both outdoor and indoor photography, as well as for film and video projects. It can be used with a tripod or handheld, and it has two handles that make it easy to carry. It is also designed to be mounted on a light stand for studio use, making it an excellent choice for professional photographers.

This dual row LED light bar is engineered to take on the toughest off-road challenges with its rugged and weatherproof 6063 extruded aluminum housing and high-efficiency power. It has a 50,000+ hour life span, ultra-high lumens/watt and a water-resistant seal for protection from Ultra Reflector led light bar dust, dirt, and other environmental elements. It can operate in a temperature range of -40 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

The UNITE Modular LED Light Bar System is a great way to add style and lighting power to your truck or jeep. It offers a variety of configurations with a modular design that lets you choose a straight or curved mounting rail and a combination of 3″ LED Modules White, Amber, or Spot that slide-on and connect without tedious wiring.


Adding a light bar to your vehicle is a great way to improve visibility and improve your safety on the road. However, it’s important to choose the right one for your needs. You should consider the brightness level, protective features, and wiring options. You should also check whether the product is waterproof.

This LED light bar is designed to be a durable and long-lasting piece of equipment. It has a die-cast aluminum alloy heat sink that effectively dissipates heat. Its ripple design ensures that the heat surface is larger, which helps to increase efficiency and prevent overheating. This light bar also comes with a wire harness that allows you to control the lights separately.

The XPR curved light bar from Nilight is another heavy-duty option that uses high-intensity Cree LED chips. The LEDs emit a powerful beam with a combo spot and flood pattern that provides maximum coverage. This light bar is IP67 water-resistant and dustproof, making it ideal for off-road driving. It also has a built-in cooling system to keep the LEDs from overheating.

The Quake Ultra Color Series LED light bars are a great choice for those who want to add a unique look to their ride. These lights are available in a variety of colors and feature a dual row of high-intensity CREE LEDs. The lights are durable against time, weather, temperature, and vibration, and they’re made of a die-cast aluminum housing.

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