The Motorola DM4601e Mobile Radio

motorola dm4601e

The Motorola DM4601e Mobile Radio

The Motorola Solutions DM4601e mobile radio delivers operation critical voice communication and powerful data applications. With text messaging, Intelligent Audio and customisable status alerts this radio will transform your organisation.

The radio operates on ETSI DMR standards which means it can operate in both digital and analogue mode concurrently. This dual mode capability will allow you to migrate your organisation to digital at your own pace.

Exceptional Audio Clarity

The Motorola dm4601e is an extremely effective two-way radio that provides crystal clear communication for a variety of different situations. It is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, making it ideal for businesses that operate in remote locations that are prone to challenging environments. It also comes equipped with a number of features that can help improve on-the-job safety. These include Man Down, Emergency Alert, and Lone Worker capabilities. In addition, the dm4601e is compatible with a wide range of accessories that can enhance user safety.

The quality of digital can’t be denied. When you upgrade your fleet to Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO(tm) mobile digital two-way radios, you will experience improved communications throughout your workplace. With DM4000 series mobiles, you will enjoy the benefits of digital technology such as long-range capabilities, intuitive controls, and a one-touch emergency button that can be activated at the touch of a finger.

Additionally, you will be able to communicate with more users on your network without adding new frequencies. This is possible thanks to the TDMA digital technology used in Motorola solutions MOTOTRBO(tm) two way radios. This digital technology also allows for enhanced audio clarity, motorola dm4601e as well as double the battery life and increased coverage. This is an important consideration for businesses that rely on efficient communication. The dm4601e can deliver all of this and more.

Easy to Migrate to Digital

The Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO portfolio enables you to migrate from analogue to digital at your own pace. Whether you choose handheld portable two way radios, mobile radios or repeaters, they are all designed to work seamlessly together and offer advanced functionality that can help make your organisation smarter, safer and more efficient.

MOTOTRBO digital technology is based on ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) Tier Two Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) standards. The technology splits the channel frequency itself into separate time slots, allowing users to make calls over the same channel without causing interference with each other. Combined with intelligent audio that can automatically boost or reduce the volume depending on environmental conditions, this makes MOTOTRBO one of the best radios to use for voice communication and superior usability.

The MOTOTRBO system also utilises less power than an analogue one, so you’ll be able to run your radios for longer and stay connected for much longer. This can save you money in the long term if your organisation is constantly running short on resources and battery life is important.

The MOTOTRBO mobile digital radios have built-in WiFi, enabling them to work over existing private wireless networks to give you the freedom of voice and data communications over the same network. This can be used for everything from dispatcher applications to alarm management, indoor location services and man down alerts to keep your teams safe, effective and productive.

Accelerated Life Tested

With accelerated life testing, Motorola takes their designs and tests them to the limits. The products are put through the wringer; subjected to extreme cold and hot temperatures, drops, shocks, vibration, solar radiation, electrical discharges, salt fog, battery aging, and other stresses.

The result is a product that is ready for the real world and that will provide the customer with years of reliable use. Motorola has a unique ALT analysis tool called Relyence that optimizes the data to help motorola dm4601e discover failure trends, predict future failure characteristics, and evaluate your product performance over a lifetime of stress conditions.

MOTOTRBO Repeaters, Mobiles and Two Way Radios are tested to withstand a grueling Accelerated Life Test program to ensure they will stand up to the hard knocks of everyday life and are backed by a two-year Standard Warranty.

ALT testing is done with a large sample of radios that are randomly selected from the production line and then subjected to a series of stress conditions. These stresses are chosen based on what types of problems customers have encountered and what is most likely to damage the product.

Examples of these stresses include exposing the product to varying temperatures, dropping it on different surfaces, putting it in an oven or refrigerator for extended periods of time, rubbing it against fabrics and other materials, and jolting it with thousands of volts from an electrostatic discharge gun. This helps to identify potential problems and prevent them from being found in the field.

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