Motorola Solutions DP4400e Digital Two Way Radio

motorola dp4400e

Motorola Solutions DP4400e Digital Two Way Radio

The Motorola Solutions DP4400e digital two-way radio is smart, responsive and instantly ready to react. It’s designed to help migrate analogue systems and provides features such as location tracking, man down and lone worker protection to keep your team safe.

Featuring Bluetooth connectivity, an improved receiver which boosts range by 8% on previous models and up to 28 hours of battery life with IMPRES Smart Energy technology this is a hardy, rugged hand portable that will work harder for longer.

Exceptional Audio Quality

The Motorola DP4400e is a next generation digital two-way radio that offers exceptional audio quality, outstanding performance and a wide range of applications. It’s ideal for use in a number of different environments and has been designed to be as rugged and durable as possible. This Motorola radio is compliant with military standards and is IP68 rated for dust and water resistance.

Motorola’s Intelligent Audio processing is integrated into the DP4400e, ensuring that users have crystal clear, crisp communication at all times. The audio is automatically optimised based on the environmental conditions and is constantly monitored to ensure that the noise levels are kept to a minimum, helping to reduce the chance of miscommunication.

This Motorola radio is a great choice for businesses or organisations that need to communicate with large numbers of people. It comes with a full colour display and offers excellent battery life, making it easy for users to stay connected for longer.

The DP4400e is also designed with safety in mind and features an emergency button that can be activated to summon assistance at the touch of motorola dp4400e a button. It can also be used to call for Transmit Interrupt, a feature that allows the user to interrupt communications to help prevent potential dangers and hazards from occurring in the workplace. It also comes with a number of other useful applications, such as work order ticketing and voice recording.

Rugged Design

The Motorola Solutions DP4400e digital two way radio series is built to handle all kinds of harsh environments. Whether you’re a worker at a construction site, or an emergency service such as fire and ambulance, the DP4400e will provide you with exceptional battery life and powerful features that will enable you to work smarter and safer.

It uses IMPRES audio enhancement, SINC+ industrial noise cancellation and microphone distortion control, giving you crisp and natural-sounding communication. It also has a high-level push to talk feature which will respond to the slightest touch, allowing you to communicate quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, the DP4400e is fitted with an accelerometer which will sense if you fall over and automatically call for help (DP4401e & DP4801e), ensuring your safety whilst working in high-risk situations.

The DP4400e also offers the flexibility to choose between multiple software solutions, which will allow you to tailor your device to your specific needs. You can use MOTOTRBO 2.0 CPS for simple, straightforward programming or if you have larger fleets, you can utilise the Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO radio management software, which will let you program your radios in bulk to a standardised template. The DP4400e can also be used in ATEX-certified zones, meaning you can rely on it when working with potentially explosive or flammable gasses and combustible dusts.

Wide Range of Applications

The Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO DP4400e digital hand portable radio is an ideal communications device for a variety of applications and industries, including construction sites, manufacturing plants, and emergency services. Its superior audio quality ensures that users can be heard clearly, even in noisy environments. This is achieved by the combination of IMPRES power amplifier, Intelligent Audio, SINC+ industrial noise cancellation, and microphone distortion control. The DP4400e also offers impressive battery life, allowing users to stay connected throughout the day without needing to recharge frequently.

Additionally, the DP4400e features a number of useful data capabilities that make it an excellent choice for organizations looking to streamline their processes and improve efficiency. This includes work order ticketing, indoor positioning, and voice recording. It can also be equipped with a number of safety features, including an emergency button and transmit interrupt, which help to protect lone workers in hazardous environments.

The DP4400e is an exceptional digital two-way radio that offers unrivaled performance and versatility. Its advanced features and superior audio quality make it an outstanding choice for organisations that require a reliable communication system. Its rugged design and impressive battery life make it a cost-effective solution for organizations of any size. And with free programming, a price-match promise, and free UK delivery, it’s easy to see why the Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO DP4400e is one of the best-selling radios in its class.


The Motorola Solutions DP4400e is a cost effective alternative to many other digital two-way radios, offering great value for those businesses which do not need all the bells and whistles of a more sophisticated model. The device is ideal for a motorola dp4400e range of industries including construction, manufacturing and event management, as well as emergency services like fire departments and ambulance services. It also has a host of intelligent features such as indoor positioning, work order ticketing, voice recording, man down and lone worker protection that can be utilised by those working in remote or hazardous environments.

The DP4400e can be easily programmed by using either the MOTOTRBO 2.0 CPS or the more advanced MOTOTRBO Radio Management Software. It can also be customised with smart accessories which can further improve the audio quality. These include intelligent audio which automatically adjusts the radio volume to match ambient noise levels, and a GPS which relays back location data in real time.

For increased safety, the prominent orange emergency button can be pressed to summon help with one press. Activating the button uses Transmit Interrupt to clear the channel, and an accelerometer detects when you have fallen over, and can even call for help if you are unconscious (DP4401e, DP4601e and DP4801e only). It is tested to military standards and is IP68 rated for dust and water resistance.

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