Motorola R7 Walkie-Talkie

Motorola R7 Walkie-Talkie

Motorola’s r7 is an advanced two-way radio solution. It offers powerful audio communications for distribution businesses.

The r7 has improved features over previous Motorola solutions like the DP4000e series. It has a larger display and a more durable housing. It also has a chemical resistant design.

Rugged Design

For businesses and users who need their walkie-talkie to work in challenging environments, the Motorola R7 is an ideal choice. It’s designed to support communication in any environment and is used by security personnel at large sites, medical professionals in emergency departments and teachers who need to coordinate student traffic.

It has a rugged design that will stand up to whatever you can throw at it, including dust and moisture. It also meets military standards, having passed the Accelerated Life Test program where motorola r7 it simulated five years of hard service. Additionally, the screen is durable enough to withstand multiple drops onto concrete. And it’s the first two-way radio to be chemical resistant, making it ideal for use in healthcare where disinfectants are common.

The Motorola R7 is a slim, rugged device that delivers game-changing audio capabilities in a future-ready design. It’s the perfect upgrade for companies and users who currently have Motorola XPR7000e series two-way radios, allowing them to improve the quality of their voice communications. This will allow them to have better conversations with their team and customers, even in noisy environments. Adaptive Dual Microphone Noise Suppression, for example, will make it easier to hear each other even when there’s a lot of background noise. This is especially useful for companies that operate in crowded environments like stadiums or busy hospitals.

Next-Gen Loudness

The R7 is the latest portable two-way radio from Motorola Solutions, offering next-level audio and extra-long battery life. This digital radio is perfect for businesses that work in challenging and noisy environments. With a wide range of software applications, the R7 series can help to improve business efficiency and provide real return on investment.

MOTOTRBO R7 delivers game-changing loudness so you can hear and be heard in any environment. Its powerful speaker reaches a booming loudness of 102 phons – four times louder than a shouting conversation. And if you need to be even louder, the programmable extra-loud profile boosts your radio and remote microphone speakers to 107 phons, making your voice easily overpowered in noisy situations.

Adaptive dual microphone noise suppression automatically adjusts to different noise conditions, giving you a clear sound, even in heavy machinery or at a crowded stadium. Intelligent audio monitors your radio volume settings and makes sure you can be heard. It even monitors feedback and filters out static to eliminate noise interference.

The Motorola R7 Capable model comes with all premium features preinstalled but not activated allowing you to upgrade your radio network at any time (charge license key required). Combined with modern Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the R7 outlasts your expectations – so you can stay connected for the long haul.

Adaptive Dual Microphone Noise Suppression

R7 digital portable two-way radios deliver loud, clear and customisable audio in a rugged and connected device. Its innovative noise cancelling technologies eliminate background noise so your team can hear each other clearly – even over the deafening sound of machinery or the roar of a stadium at full capacity. Adaptive Dual Microphone Noise Suppression lets you distinguish your voice in crowded areas while Automatic Acoustic Feedback Suppression intelligently cancels out the feedback of close-by radios. And Intelligent Audio monitors the environment and adjusts speaker volume to make sure you’re always clearly heard.

Motorola Solutions IMPRESTM technology makes it easy for R7 to connect to the radio accessories you need to meet your work demands. Choose from purpose-built microphones that amplify your voice for a range of environments and redesigned antennas that are shorter yet more flexible than traditional walkie talkies. Plus a programmable extra loud profile delivers total radio and remote speaker microphone loudness up to 102 square decibels- ten times louder than a normal conversation.

With the redesigned screen on R7, you can see critical information at a glance. A larger display means fewer clicks and less scrolling. And a simple navigation makes it faster and easier to access alerts or text messages. With options for Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, connecting to data sources like video security systems, sensor alerts and texts from coworkers is fast and simple. And smart power management uses less energy to help your radios last the full shift.

Intelligent Audio

Easily communicate with your team in loud environments thanks to a host of audio capabilities built to handle challenging work conditions. Adaptive Dual Microphone Noise Suppression allows your team to clearly hear one another over the deafening sound of heavy machinery or a stadium at capacity, while Automatic Acoustic Feedback Suppression eliminates feedback from other radios in close proximity. Intelligent Audio monitors background noise to automatically adjust speaker volume, so your team doesn’t have to – and calls are always at the right level.

The Motorola r7 also boasts a redesigned accessory port for better resistance to dust and corrosion, as well as an IMPRES technology that ensures your devices will connect with one another seamlessly. This digital walkie talkie supports a range of accessories including remote speaker microphones, which can be directed straight motorola r7 to the source of your call without interference or the need for a wired connection.

This Motorola r7 mobile radio is available in both full keypad and no keypad model, and in UHF and VHF frequencies. It integrates with the MOTOTRBO Ion smart radio platform, which brings renowned push-to-talk performance together with an open app ecosystem on Android and flexible broadband data capabilities. Its rugged design is ready for harsh environments, while advanced connectivity options get your workforce ready for future applications like video security and analytics.

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