Motorola DM4601E Digital Two Way Radio

motorola dm4601e

Motorola DM4601E Digital Two Way Radio

Motorola dm4601e is part of the MOTOTRBO digital two way radio series that delivers advanced features to keep you connected and your organisation smarter. Bluetooth audio lets you communicate without wires, Wi-Fi capabilities allow for remote software updates and indoor/outdoor location services provide complete visibility of your workforce.

Designed for the skilled professional who refuses compromise, these radios offer high performance integrated voice and data and advanced features that simplify your operations.

Powerful voice and data communications

The Motorola DM4601E is an ideal communications device for businesses and organizations that require reliable communication. It is equipped with a variety of features, including enhanced audio quality and security. The DM4601E is also durable and energy-efficient, motorola dm4601e making it an excellent choice for a variety of environments. It is designed to withstand tough conditions and has an IP67 rating for water and dust resistance. It is also compatible with a wide range of accessories, including earpieces and headsets. This radio is also equipped with a Man Down alarm, which can help to prevent accidents and injuries.

The advanced audio quality of the DM4601E is made possible by its digital technology, which reduces background noise and improves voice intelligibility. This ensures that everyone can hear each other clearly, even in noisy environments. The digital technology also allows the radio to transmit information more quickly, and it provides better battery life. In addition, the digital technology offers enhanced security, as the signals can be encrypted to protect against eavesdropping.

The Motorola DM4601e offers a variety of communication modes, including Capacity Plus mode. This advanced mode allows users to connect multiple sites in a single network, making it an excellent option for large-scale operations. It also has a programmable button feature, which allows users to send out pre-programmed messages with the press of a button.

Designed for the skilled professional

With the dynamic evolution of MOTOTRBO digital mobile two-way radios you’re better connected, safer and more productive. The DM4000e Series offers high performance integrated voice and data and advanced features for efficient operation.

With IMPRES audio the Radio automatically adjusts to optimise clarity in noisy environments, Bluetooth audio capability allows you to communicate wirelessly and indoor and outdoor location capabilities help to improve asset visibility. Innovative features are only of benefit if they’re reliable, and that’s why Motorola DM4000e mobile radios are tested to rigorous MIL-STD specifications and Motorola ALT(tm) standards.

Add programmable buttons and fist mics to the mix for added user customisation, plus the ability to enable standard or custom voice announcements for channel selection and other functions, great for users with poor vision. Contact National Wireless today to discuss how this solution can assist your organisation.

Integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

The Motorola DM4000e series are ETSI DMR Standards compliant digital radios that offer critical voice and data communications. Bluetooth audio lets you talk wirelessly, built-in Wi-Fi enables remote software updates and indoor and outdoor location capabilities give you complete visibility of your assets. With support for trunking as well as legacy analogue technology, the DM4000e offers full connectivity to your organisation.

Easily manage your workforce with text messaging and work order ticketing, and use the built-in microphone for hands-free communication. Intelligent Audio optimises your radio experience by automatically boosting and reducing the volume based on noise levels. Keep your crew safe with a range motorola dm4601e of safety features including emergency buttons, Transmit Interrupt and a loud, clear speaker.

Discover how this mobile two-way radio can transform your business, contact us today for more information or to arrange a demo. Our team will be happy to assist. We offer free shipping on all orders and flexible payment terms. We accept credit cards and PayPal. The standard package from lacus comes with a fist mic and a hang up clip.

Indoor and outdoor location capabilities

The dynamic evolution of MOTOTRBOTM digital two-way radios helps your organisation be better connected, safer and more productive. Integrated Bluetooth® lets you talk wirelessly, integrated Wi-Fi enables remote software updates and indoor and outdoor location capabilities let you track staff in vehicles or on foot. Plus, the ability to support both trunking and analogue technology keeps you connected as your organisation grows.

hermesTRX is a cost-effective real-time GPS tracking system for MOTOTRBO radios enabling vehicle; person; asset and even pet tracking via the internet or a cellular network. It also provides emergency location service and text messaging functionality.

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