How a Smart Video Doorbell Can Improve Home Security

Smart Video Doorbell

How a Smart Video Doorbell Can Improve Home Security

A smart video doorbell allows you to see who is at your front door and communicate with them, even if your phone is on silent or out of range. They can also improve home security by deterring burglars.

Most models look like regular doorbells and connect to existing chimes, while others can be powered by the same wires as traditional home alarm systems. They are also compatible with most major smart assistants.


Unlike traditional doorbells, Smart Video Doorbells capture motion-activated video or night vision via infrared LED sensors. They also feature two-way audio and allow users to screen visitors from their smartphones Smart Video Doorbell before answering the door. Some Smart Video Doorbells also offer face recognition, which assigns an identity to a person or animal.

Some models have wide-angle lenses that can capture a large area without losing clarity. Others offer zoom features to get closer to an event. Many of the more advanced Smart Video Doorbells come with heat detection technology and human shape or face recognition to help reduce false alarms.

Most Smart Video Doorbells are connected to Wi-Fi, allowing them to send an alert to a smartphone whenever there is movement in front of the camera. Some devices also offer a cellular or landline backup, which can keep working even during power outages.

One issue with some Smart Video Doorbells is latency, which can cause a delay between detecting movement and sending an alert to the smartphone. The problem can also occur if the device has trouble connecting to the home’s Wi-Fi network.

Some of the more advanced Smart Video Doorbells are equipped with night vision, enabling them to record black-and-white footage at night. This can help deter burglars, as it can make it more difficult for them to see the interior of a home and determine if anyone is inside. Some models also have built-in infrared LEDs that can activate an automatic spotlight for added security.


With a Smart Video Doorbell, your customers can see who’s at their doorstep in real time and communicate via two-way audio. Many have smart features like person, pet, and package detection and even face recognition. This is an excellent deterrent against burglars and can keep homeowners informed of visitors while they are on the go.

Most vendors offer a subscription service for accessing footage from the cloud or to enable extra features such as smart detection. This service usually costs a few dollars per month. Some providers such as Google Nest, Ring, and Arlo include free smart detection with no subscription required. Others like Eufy’s battery-operated HomeBase have built-in memory and don’t require a monthly fee, but they offer fewer smart features.

Some Smart Video Doorbells use Edge technology, which means that most of the processing and artificial intelligence work happens locally on the device. This significantly reduces data transfer and protects privacy better than sending footage to the cloud for analysis.

While most Smart Video Doorbells use motion sensors to detect activity, some have a camera that looks in a fixed direction for a wider field of view. This is particularly useful for detecting vehicles or other items on your driveway. You can also find Smart Video Doorbell models with wide-angle lenses or night vision. These options are helpful in preventing false alerts from passersby or neighborhood cats.


Video doorbells are a great option for anyone who enjoys online shopping and wants to protect their homes from package theft. They can alert you when someone is at the door, let you know what was left behind (like a package), and even allow you to talk with them using two-way communication from anywhere.

They can either be battery-powered or hardwired into an existing doorbell chime. If you choose a hardwired model, you’ll need to install a new transformer and transfer electrical wires from your current doorbell setup to the new one. Depending on your situation, hiring a pro to do this for you might be worth it, especially if you’re tackling a first-install or you’re dealing with complex, high-voltage wiring.

Most models use a motion sensor to detect movement and wake up. They can then record a short clip or stream live video to your smartphone or tablet, so you can see who’s there without opening the door. You can also adjust settings, like motion sensitivity (play with this so that rustling trees and passing cars don’t trigger the camera), person detection, and recording length. You can even choose whether you want to store your footage in the cloud or locally.


Most Smart Video Doorbells have motion detection and record footage 24 hours a day. Some devices also include advanced features like face or object recognition, and some are designed to communicate with visitors via a pre-recorded greeting. The best models use both local and cloud storage, so you can view your video footage at any time.

Some Smart Video Doorbells have a microSD card slot that lets users store their videos locally on the device, while others require a monthly subscription to access cloud storage. Make sure you choose a device that provides security features you trust. Look for encryption and verification mechanisms, as well as a company with strong data protection credentials.

In addition, check the battery power of any Smart Video Doorbell you’re considering. Most wired models connect to your existing doorbell wiring (via a chime box and transformer), which means they’re powered by low-voltage electricity, and don’t need to be charged or replaced. Some also have a backup cellular or landline connection that keeps them running during a power outage.

The Eufy Video Doorbell Dual, for example, has a battery-powered design, but still offers on-demand live views, 16GB of free local storage, and reliable smart alerts. It also has night vision, which can help deter package thieves and other unwanted guests. Many Smart Video Doorbells also offer extra detection capabilities, such as anomaly detection. Detection capabilities like this could help you spot suspicious activity around your home, such as when the kids don’t come home at their usual time.

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