How to Wear a White Cardigan Sweater

white cardigan sweater

How to Wear a White Cardigan Sweater

The right white cardigan sweater can breathe life into your wardrobe, especially during the cooler months. This versatile wardrobe staple can complement everything from dark wash skinny jeans to a summer dress.

The cotton-cashmere blend of the Essential $75 sweater feels thick and luxurious but not too bulky. Its ribbed cuffs and hem hold their shape well, too.

It’s a staple

A white cardigan sweater is one of the white cardigan sweater staple wardrobe items that every woman should have in her closet. It is a versatile piece that can be worn in any season and is perfect for layering. It’s also very comfortable to wear, especially if you’re going out for lunch or dinner with your friends. You can easily pair it with a pair of jeans and a simple tee, or you can dress it up with some heels and a leather jacket.

A cardigan is a knitted garment with an opening in the front that can be closed with buttons or zippers. Its name comes from the Crimean War, when English general James Thomas Brudenell’s troops wore jackets that opened in front. Later, these garments became known as “cardigans.” Today, there are many different types of cardigans that can be worn with different styles of outfits.

Whether you’re wearing a skirt and a women’s white blouse or a pair of dark wash high-rise jeans, a white cardigan sweater can be an easy and effortless way to add some extra warmth and style to your look. You can even wear it to work if your office is cold.

A long white cardigan sweater is a wardrobe essential for winter. It can be layered over a warm dress or tights and topped with a pair of knee-high boots. The sweater can also be paired with a pair of cuffed jeans for a casual look.

It’s versatile

A white cardigan sweater is a versatile wardrobe staple. It can transform a casual outfit into something sophisticated, and it can add a pop of color to a neutral outfit. It is also a good choice for chilly spring, fall and winter weather. It’s the perfect addition to a slinky dress, and you can also wear it over a blouse or turtleneck for a smarter look.

If you’re looking for a light, airy option, consider a wide cotton rib. These types of sweaters are lightweight and let in air, but they’re also breathable and warm. However, if you’re traveling to colder climates, you may want to choose a tighter weave or a sweater that’s made from a thicker fabric.

The length of your cardigan should also be considered when making a purchase. Shorter options work well for a casual outing, but they won’t keep you as warm as long-sleeved cardigans. Longer options that hit at the waist can work well for business casual occasions, and you can even opt for a longer duster-style sweater that hits just above the knee.

Some cardigans feature lapels, which give them a more sophisticated appearance. You can also opt for a crew neck cardigan, which has shallow, rounded necklines. This style can be worn buttoned up, partially fastened or left open. Other options have V-shaped necklines, which look great over a collared shirt or as a casual alternative to a blazer.

It’s warm

A white cardigan is a great addition to your wardrobe because it’s warm and cozy. It’s also versatile, blending well with any color palette from vibrant brights to rich neutrals. It’s perfect for pairing with t-shirts and jeans or over dresses to elevate the look. There are even some styles that add feminine flair like structured necklines and statement sleeves.

When you’re looking for a stylish but comfy cardigan, consider options made from cotton, wool, and recycled polyester. These materials are lightweight, which makes them easy to pack for travel. They’re also durable, so you can wear them for a long time without worrying about fading or pilling.

The texture and thickness of a cardigan can affect how warm it feels, and how formal or casual it looks. Some women prefer a more polished cardigan that looks great over a formal outfit, while others enjoy the comfort of a loose-fitting sweater. A thick woven knit can be cold on a windy day, so make sure to layer it with another light sweater underneath.

This wrap-front cardigan from & Other Stories features a slight ballerina-inspired silhouette and bold tortoiseshell buttons for a chic finishing touch. It’s the perfect layering piece for fall, and it’s equally cozy for a winter vacation. To fold it, lay the sweater flat and start by folding one side into the center, then fold the other side over it and down. This way, you’ll have a nice shape and plenty of room in your suitcase for other essentials.

It’s stylish

Whether you’re a fan of the frock coat or not, you can always use a white cardigan to add an extra layer of warmth and style. You can wear it over a simple dress or even your favorite pair of jeans. The look is elegant and timeless. If you’re a fan of monochrome styles, try a white cardigan with black pleated pants for a chic and classic look.

The knit is a little thinner than that of some other pullovers we’ve tested, which could make it prone to stretching and snagging. However, the details like white cardigan sweater fully fashioned seams and a well-finished edge on the shawl collar and front opening are high-quality. And although it’s a bit of a light sweater, the cotton blend washes well and feels soft and comfortable.

We loved the relaxed fit and the wide ribbing on the hem and cuffs, which created a gentle seal in areas where cold air tends to creep in. It’s a medium-weight sweater that will be cozy and warm enough for fall, winter, or early spring. For added versatility, it can be worn over a T-shirt or a light long-sleeve shirt. Our 5-foot-9 female tester liked the cropped length, which hits around the waist, and found that the sleeves were easily long enough to cover her hands. They looked cute cuffed or scrunched up, as well.

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