Smart Sunshade Electric Roller Blind

Sunshade Electric Roller Blind

Smart Sunshade Electric Roller Blind

Smart blinds add a luxe flair to a home while being the peak of convenience. They’re easy to install and compatible with most major smart home automation systems.

They can be either plug-in or hardwired. Battery operated options are easier to use and don’t require recharging. Hardwired motorized shades require an electrician to install them.

Light Control

Designed to improve comfort, convenience and value, smart shades provide the latest features to complement your home’s style and décor. Light Control offers the flexibility to easily adjust shades based on the sun’s position throughout the day, including follow-the-sun functionality that automatically moves the blinds slats for even, consistent light control. Energy Efficiency provides added insulation to lower your energy costs and reduce drafts, while Glare & UV Protection protects furnishings from damage and keeps spaces cooler. Safety & Security features like cordless operation and automated lifting limit stops eliminate the need for dangling cords that can pose a hazard to children and pets.

Available in a wide array of colors, sizes and styles, motorized shades come in a variety of price points and compatible smart home systems to suit every design. Serena by Lutron motorized blinds feature built-in smart home integration that works with Apple HomeKit, Siri and IFTTT, as well as a range of other popular home automation hubs. They can also be operated using a choice of 15 channel remotes or the free InMotion app for complete home automation and voice control.

Graber Virtual Cord cellular shades are another option that work with most smart home systems. They operate via Outdoor Aluminium Pergola Z-Wave and require a separate bridge that connects them to your Wi-Fi network, or you can opt for their smart hub-free option with a Bluetooth connection that uses the same smart app as your smartphone. IKEA’s FYRTUR blackout motorized shades are another simple but effective choice. They’re operated by a Bluetooth remote and are compatible with the Home smart app, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

UV Protection

Relieve glare and block harmful UV rays that cause fading and discoloration to your furniture, carpet and flooring. Smart shades can be programmed to open, close or adjust at scheduled times to prevent damage from direct sun exposure without you having to remember to shut your window treatments.

A variety of lift options are available to suit any lifestyle and design preference. Whether you want blackout shades for media rooms, cellular shades to control temperature and noise or solar shade fabrics to harness energy from the sun, the right window treatment can make all the difference.

Child safety is an important consideration for many families and smart shades are designed to offer peace of mind. Choose from a range of child-friendly lift options that remove cords and chains completely to eliminate the risk of strangulation. For an additional layer of security, some shades feature a built-in safety release mechanism that triggers when the cord gets caught or pulled on by children or pets.

Some motorized shades can be powered by a hardwired connection, while others use rechargeable batteries that can be charged as needed. Power over Outdoor Aluminium Pergola ethernet (PoE) is an alternative that allows you to wire your shades directly into your home network, eliminating the need for an AC adapter. With PoE, your shades will have an ethernet port at the top of the headrail and will be controlled with a remote or app.


With a variety of colors, patterns and fabrics to choose from, roller shades offer the flexibility to achieve any design aesthetic. Whether you want to block daylight in media rooms, filter natural light for offices or nurseries or create subtle dappled effects, the right shades can transform spaces through texture, color and function.


Both blinds and shades can provide privacy through obscuring sightlines, but there is nuance in this function based on construction materials. A sheer fabric may prevent a detailed view but will display silhouettes, while a thicker fabric provides excellent privacy for bedrooms, basements and media rooms.

Roller shades can be customized with options like valances and cornices that cover hardware for a streamlined look. Some options also include a cordless lift to eliminate the risk of tangled cords and a remote for easy manual adjustability. Some motorized smart shades like Hunter Douglas’ Duette with PowerView motorization can be added to a Broadlink RM4 Pro hub and integrated with voice control devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple Siri to allow you to use your voice to open and close the window treatments.

Insulated, cellular and pleated shades offer thermal efficiency that reduces heat transfer through windows for energy savings. These types of shades also help muffle sound and can enhance focus, comfort and privacy.

Easy Operation

With a simple push of a button or tap on your mobile device or voice command, these motorized blinds and shades make it easy to cut out the light and heat and to increase privacy. For added convenience, they can be programmed to open and close on a schedule or by setting a timer for when you want to wake up or go to sleep.

A battery powered option is available which allows for cord-free operation and a clean modern look. It works well for any window or door and can be paired with a solar panel to increase energy efficiency.

An awning blind motorized option is also available which is great for roof windows. It can be paired with solar power or with a wall switch. It’s a good choice for windows that receive direct sunlight throughout the day.

For a more sophisticated motorized solution, consider integrating your shade or blinds with other smart home products and systems. With options compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit and more, The Shade Store can help you connect your motorized shades to all the technology in your home. This creates a seamless experience and ensures you can have the right shade or blind to meet your needs. Our Somfy Expert Dealers can help you choose the right motorized window covering, fabric and technology/smart home integration to fit your lifestyle.

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