Password Door Lock

Password Door Lock

Password Door Lock are easy to use and can be used in any home for privacy & safety. The main purpose is to avoid unwanted visitors or intruders from entering the home or office.

A password-based door lock lets you give temporary codes to repair professionals, babysitters, or dog walkers. But you need to be sure that your family members know to keep their codes secure.

Digital Password

Password door locks use a combination of numbers and letters to prevent unauthorized intrusion. They also include a backup code that can be used to reset the lock if you forget your password. When choosing a password, make sure it is short, easy to remember, and contains no personal references. It is recommended that you use a mix of letters and numbers, with a special letter for the first digit. This can help younger members of the family remember it.

To start the circuit we will need an Arduino Uno and a 16×2 alphanumeric LCD display. Connect the VCC and GND pins of the 16×2 LCD to the Arduino Uno and then connect the SDA and SCL pins to the Arduino’s Analog Pin A5 and A4.

Next we need to program the Arduino for the security system. First import all the header and library files. Declare all the pin for LCD and keypad, define password length and set the initial position of servo motor to 0. Next we will write the main function.

When you enter the password on the keypad it will be compared with the stored one and if it matches then a signal is sent to the servo motor to rotate it, if not then the system will display “Wrong Password” on the LCD and it will remain in lock position until it gets the correct password again.

Fingerprint Password

Fingerprint door locks eliminate the need to present a key or magnetic card to gain entry. You simply need to present your registered fingerprint on the sensor to verify that you are authorised to enter. These smart locks are highly secure and more reliable than traditional keys, as they can’t be stolen or lost.

The technology behind these systems uses friction ridge skin impressions to identify and differentiate a person’s unique fingerprints. These fingerprints are extremely detailed and nearly impossible to fake or alter. Once a fingerprint is registered, it is converted into a numerical template using an algorithm. The next time someone’s fingerprint is presented, the scanner compares the scanned password door lock input to the saved template. If the match is successful, a green LED signals that access is granted and the door opens.

Some models feature a backup keypad or mechanical lock to provide another way into the home should the fingerprint scanner fail for any reason. They are also made of strong materials to protect against hacking attempts. Look for a biometric lock with the lowest FAR (False Acceptance Rate) and FRR (False Rejection Rate) scores to ensure that you have the most reliable and accurate system available.

Household Password

If you have children or roommates, password door locks are a convenient way to give them each their own passcodes and track access. Some smart password door lock locks can even send alerts to you when someone uses their code, so you know if something’s wrong. Some also offer extra features, like a backup mechanical key or voice indicator, to make them easy to use and operate. Also, some have a warranty and 24*7 technical support.

The default password is 1234 and if entered incorrectly 3 times the buzzer will ring.

Commercial Password

A commercial password door lock is an electronic security device that replaces the traditional physical key. It allows users to enter through a sequence of numbers or scan a fingerprint via an electronic recognition system. This type of lock provides increased security as it ensures that only authorized users can enter a building. These locks are ideal for businesses and offices.

When choosing a password for your smart lock, try to avoid personal references. Instead, use a combination of random numbers or even create a jingle to help everyone remember the code. You should also choose an acronym that you can easily spell out. This will make it easier for people to remember and will be less susceptible to hacking.

Password door locks are a great way to improve home security, but they aren’t entirely foolproof. They can still be hacked by hackers who gain access to your WiFi network. If you’re worried about hackers, it’s important to install a strong, firewalled WiFi network.

The global password door lock market is growing rapidly due to the demand for increased security in residential and commercial spaces, increasing investment in digital solutions, and rising awareness about cybersecurity threats among end-users. It is also fueled by the growing construction industry across various geographical regions. It is categorized by Type (Digital Password, Fingerprint Password) and Applications (Household, Commercial, Others). ASSA ABLOY, Dormakaba Group, Spectrum Brands, Master Lock, MIWA Lock, Samsung, Sargent and Greenleaf, Tenon, Locstar, and nello are some of the leading players in the global password door lock market.

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