Metal Keychain Promotional Items

Metal Keychain

Metal Keychain Promotional Items

A keychain is an accessory that can be attached to a key. It consists of two parts: a split ring and a chain. The ring can hold keys while the chain links decoration or other items.

Personalized metal keychains are a long-lasting, stylish promotional giveaway that can brand your business with a sense of sophistication. They also make great employee welcome gifts and trade show giveaways.

Promotional Products

Whether you need promotional items for a trade show or event, or simply want to give your customers something small that shows how much you value them, custom metal keychains are a great choice. They’re durable and versatile, and they can be personalized with a company logo (printed or engraved), text, and even full color images. Choose from a variety of unique styles, including keychains that double as flashlights, picture frames, pens, whistles, screwdriver tools, golf tool key chains, floating keychains, tape measure keychains and more!

Personalized keychains are one of the most popular types of promotional products because they’re practical and effective. Your recipients will use them often and see your brand every time they do. They’re also a great way to spread the word about your business, especially if you have a unique or interesting design.

Engraved or printed with a company logo, these eye-catching promo gifts will make a big impression at trade shows and other events. They’re also ideal as giveaways at offices, retail stores and other businesses. You can also include them in gift bags or welcome packs for new employees and customers. They’re a smart, affordable way to increase your brand visibility and build loyalty. Plus, they’re compact enough to fit easily into mail campaigns and expo bags. They’re also ideal for giving out to employees and clients as a thank you or bonus.

Key Chains

Metal key chains are a staple for everyday carry (EDC). They keep keys together and are easily identifiable in a crowd. They also help to prevent keys from being lost in the pocket. They come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Some are even adorned with glow-in-the-dark or light-up features for added functionality. Some key chains have a clip to attach them to belt loops or bags.

They can be made from a number of materials, including plastic and metal. Metal keychains are typically stronger and more durable than other types of keychains. They can also be engraved or decorated with logos and other designs. Some are designed to match other accessories that can be attached to a keychain, such as a bottle opener or a retractable pen.

Other keychains may be crafted from foam, real gems and stones, microfiber, paper, or wood. They can be used to commemorate a special event, such HF RFID Tag as a wedding or graduation. They can also be given as promotional items by businesses. These include movie studios, who often give them out with tickets to new releases or cereal companies, who offer a character keychain in every box of their products.

Some key chains have a split ring that can hold multiple keys. Others have a carabiner that can be clipped to a belt loop, bag, or backpack. The carabiner style is also convenient for hiking or camping trips, when a keychain can be clipped to the tent to keep track of keys.


Engrave your logo on metal keychains to promote your business and brand with a practical promotional product that will be in use for years. Laser engraved to ensure high quality, these custom keychains make for great monogrammed gifts, groomsmen presents or unique corporate giveaways.

Choose from a wide variety of different shapes, colors and plating options to create a custom promotional metal keychain that perfectly suits your needs. Add a soft enamel design to your keychain for a textured look, or choose hard enamel that is polished flat to a smooth surface. Choose from a range of plating options like silver luxe, gold sophistication, bronze splendor or true black depth to add an elegant touch to your customized metal keychains.

Add a fun motto or image to your metal keychains for extra branding impact. Choose from popular keychain accessories like LED lights, bottle openers and more to customize your promotional metal keychains. You can also add a split key ring to turn your metal keychains into functional pieces of corporate swag.

Personalized keychains are the perfect choice for any industry or event. Whether you need a simple brushed aluminum metal keychain to hand out at your next trade show, or you’re looking for fun-shaped corporate gifts for employees and customers, Crestline has the branded metal keychains to meet any promotional goal.

Injection Molding

Metal keychains are typically made of a combination of different materials. For example, they might be molded from plastic or fashioned out of a harder metal like zinc. These keychains are produced using a variety of processes, including die cutting, injection molding, and stamping. The stamping process involves pressing a keychain’s ring and chain through a machine that is shaped like a die. The keychain’s ring and chain are then welded together to create the finished product.

This is a popular method of producing keychains because it allows for the creation of very detailed shapes and colors. It HF RFID Tag can also be used to produce a wide range of materials, including lucite and acrylic. The finished products produced by this process are also very durable, and the color will not fade.

The injection molding process is another popular method for producing keychains. This process is similar to the stamping process, but it uses a machine that can handle a lot more weight. The process is also able to produce parts with very intricate details, and it can be used for a variety of different materials. The main advantage of this process is that it can be used for large quantities of products. Injection molding is also an excellent option for prototyping, as it can be used to produce a sample quickly.

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