LED Warning Lights

Led Warning Lights

LED Warning Lights

Whether you work on roadsides or at job sites, you need effective hazard and warning lights to make your vehicle and crew visible. Grote offers LED strobe warning lights in several SAE classes, voltage and mounting styles.

The brightness of strobe lights is important to consider. You want to be noticed, but you don’t AR glasses want to dazzle other drivers.

Whelen Ion Series Super-LED Light

The ION Series is a super-tough, ultra compact Super-LED light. It shrugs off moisture, salt, chemicals and road vibration. It is available in single or split colors. This model is a combination three-in-one warning, flood/alley and ground illumination light. It is equipped with six amber, red or white Super-LED’s installed on a V-light PC board and a clear TIR reflector to provide high performance warning or illumination. It has an internal flasher with 25 Scan-Lock flash patterns including steady burn and is synchronizable with other Whelen synchronizable products. It is designed for rugged, heavy duty applications and is mounted in a black powder coated die cast housing with a hard-coated lens.

The ION TRIO is a three-in-one combination LED light for warning, flood/alley and ground illumination (puddle) lighting in a black housing. It is equipped with 6 ultra-bright Gen 3 Super-LED’s to give you serious output and has an internal flasher with 25 Scan-Lock patterns including steady burn. It is synchronizable with other Whelen Synch products and is backed by a five year HDP Heavy-Duty Professional warranty.

Galls Surface Mount LED Light

The Galls P-STRB series low profile surface mount LED strobe light is an economical choice for increasing the warning power of any vehicle. This compact, moisture and vibration resistant strobe light head is designed to mount inside or outside a vehicle on a flat surface, such as a grille, fender, or bumper. It comes prewired for a rocker switch to control on/off functions and a momentary switch for changing strobe patterns. This strobe light head also syncs with other Galls strobe lights.

Emergency Light Bars

Light bars offer the most effective way to illuminate your vehicle and let other drivers know that you’re a responding emergency or service vehicle. They’re perfect for law enforcement, fire departments and first responders as well as municipality, county and utility vehicles.

Some lightbars feature rotating LED lights that can be programmed to display a variety of flash patterns. These can include alternating, splitting colors, progressively lighting different lights and more. They also have a clear dome that covers the lights to protect them from dust and debris.

Other lights use flashing amber or red LEDs to alert other drivers to the presence of an emergency vehicle on the road. These can be located on the front of a vehicle for directional traffic control, in the rear of the vehicle for scene protection or mounted to the roof for all-around illumination. Some models may operate the front and back operation of these LED lights simultaneously, while others can be used to operate either set individually. These lights typically have a multitrigger switch to easily activate both sets of LEDs, as well as mounting hardware and all necessary wiring to get up and running in no time.

SoundOff Signal LED Ghost Light

SoundOff Signal’s innovative, multi-mount GHOST light practically disappears on your hood, grille or window – until it flashes! It features a low power Steady Red Running Light that keeps on when brake is activated & an eye-catching flashing Stop/Tail that strobes several AR glasses times and then remains on at full power while the brake is activated. The GHOST Light also has built-in Light Sync Technology so that multiple lights may be synchronized to flash simultaneously or alternating. It ships with a 3M Super Duty Adhesive mount & Permanent Mount bracket. This light meets SAE J595 and CA Title 13 requirements & is moisture & vibration resistant for heavy duty applications.

This is the smallest Gen 3 six-LED light available! At less than 1″ tall the GHOST LED Light can mount anywhere, including the lip of your hood or trunk a place motorists won’t expect to see a warning light. An innovative “U” bracket allows you to position the GHOST light in many ways and the pivoting light head lets you zero in on the EXTREME angle of warning that assures more motorists will see you.

Emergency Lights

Whether you’re on the side of the road, at an accident scene or on patrol, emergency lights are vital to letting motorists know that you need to pass them quickly. Galls carries an assortment of vehicle warning lights from Whelen Engineering, Feniex, Code 3, Federal Signal and SoundOff Signal, with options for all types of vehicles and situations.

Most states mandate some form of warning lights for all emergency vehicles, from a single red light on the front of a fire truck or ambulance to a full lightbar configuration like those used by police cars. These lighting systems can be synchronized to provide the right amount of conspicuity for each situation.

Blue lights indicate law enforcement vehicles and are generally the only color permitted for non-emergency vehicles (such as tow trucks or road service vehicles). Green lights are being utilized by security agencies, while amber lights may be used by some volunteer fire, EMS and search and rescue personnel in certain jurisdictions. The newest type of warning lights are LED-based, which are very power efficient, long-lasting and can be programmed to display messages or to be synchronized with other lights.

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