Hotel Door Locks

hotel door locks

Hotel Door Locks

Hotel door lock systems secure guest rooms, private areas and access to on-site amenities. These systems can also help hotels implement energy-saving initiatives and provide a seamless check-in process.

Smart locks enable contactless room access that boosts guest satisfaction, increases independence and reduces pressure on staff. They can also be connected to property management platforms like Operto Connect for maximum monitoring and control.

Magstripe Locks

A hotel’s guest rooms need high-performance locks that are durable and reliable for the safety of guests. These locks are used to prevent unauthorized entry into your hotel rooms and must comply with ANSI requirements.

Magstripe locks use magnetic strips to open the lock. Guests must swipe or insert the key card to gain access to their room or other areas of the hotel. The key card is programmed with the guests information, verifies that the key is valid, and then authorizes access for a specific timeframe.

Full-body or unibody lock hardware includes both a reader and lock handle in one design. These locks house the batteries inside the look and are easier to upgrade than separate component locks. These locks are also compatible with most hotel management software to monitor and manage guest keycards and other access features.

Keypad Locks

As an alternative to a traditional key, smart hotel lock systems allow guests to access their rooms using unique credentials sent to them via their mobile devices. These credentials can also be used to control other features, such as room energy controls and guest surveys.

Typically, these smart hotel locks use RFID technology. Rather than requiring guests to swipe a card or insert it into the door lock, these RFID locks work by simply waving the cards within proximity of a reader.

This style of commercial lock system is ideal for smaller deployments, such as hotels, bed and breakfasts, or short-term homestays. It allows staff to easily issue and monitor user credentials remotely, as well as instantly revoke PINs in the event of a security threat. It’s worth noting that these hotel electronic locks will only work if there is a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to the device they’re using to open them.

BLE Locks

With Bluetooth locks, guests have the ability to unlock their room with their smartphone. This eliminates guest complaints about lost or malfunctioning key cards and allows them to skip the front desk upon arrival, increasing overall guest satisfaction.

This hotel lock system works with a dedicated app that guests can download to their phone, making hotel door locks it a seamless experience for the guest. They simply hold their mobile device near the lock reader, and the encrypted key is read to unlock the door.

This Bluetooth lock is ideal for hotels looking to replace magstripe locks or upgrade from RFID. It is easy to install, and compatible with the Boost hospitality door lock software, Ambiance or legacy system 6000. It can also be used with the Messenger LENS wireless online access management solution for superior control and monitoring. This model is also available with an AntiGerm antibacterial treatment that reduces bacteria levels on the product surface to 99%.

Digital Keys

The latest smart locks for hotels work with mobile apps to grant guests access without handing over a physical key. This technology is currently being used by the big names in the hospitality industry, including Hilton.

The locks are paired with a guest app that can be programmed to send a unique code to guests via email. When a guest arrives, they simply enter the code into their smartphone to open the lock. The app can also be set to automatically change the code on a regular basis.

Dormakaba’s digital keys work with a PIN number, but they can be upgraded to support an RFID card as well. This upgrade allows hotels to eliminate the need for clunky key cards that can easily be lost or stolen.

The locks are customizable online by finishing, technology, handle style, and more. They can also be integrated with hotel services like room service, guest surveys and more for additional functionality.

Door Knob Locks

Modern hotel door locks offer a wide range of features to meet any style or security need. Some come with backlit keypads and indicators that flash green to show a valid code or red for an incorrect code, making them easy for guests to use.

Some smart lock systems also have a PIN code option which can provide an extra layer of guest safety and convenience. In addition, some hotel door locks models can be used with a regular power bank as an emergency backup.

Dormakaba (formerly Dorma and Kaba) offers a variety of hotel room door locks for different lock cylinder types. Many of their locking solutions can synchronize with a PMS and can be easily updated and managed remotely. Their locks are ADA compliant and have many color options to suit any interior design. They’re a great choice for hotels and vacation rentals that want to upgrade to smart technology without spending a lot of money on new hardware.

Claw Door Lock

A hotel door lock system is a critical part of a hospitality business’ security measures. These systems ensure that guest rooms, private areas and on-site amenities are secure. They also enable swift and safe evacuations during dangerous events like fires or disturbances.

Commercial hotel door locks come in a variety of forms, each designed for different needs and site-specific requirements. The style most appropriate for your hotel will depend on a few factors, including the size of your deployment, the desired level of wider integrations and whether staff need to use physical keys.

Larger sites often choose a hotel electronic lock system that uses digital credentials such as RFID fobs, mobile devices or PIN codes. This allows for easy monitoring, adjustment and revocation of permissions across your entire property. It also makes it easier for guests to access in-app resources like remote check-in, amenity booking and customer support.

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