Upgrade Your Car Headlights With a Bi Xenon Projector Lens

Upgrade Your Car Headlights With a Bi Xenon Projector Lens

If you’re upgrading your car to xenon, it’s important to choose the correct projector lens. These can affect your road safety and the quality of your light beam.

Some of the projector lenses available are Royalin mini h1 or Koito Q5, Hella G5. All these lenses have different modes and can be used for different cars.


When you choose to upgrade your car headlight with a bi-xenon projector lens, you can enjoy the advantages of improved lighting. These lenses are designed to help focus the lighting on the road, which helps other drivers see your vehicle and drive safely. These lenses are also more efficient than halogen bulbs, so you can save on your energy bill.

The bi-xenon projector includes a lens, a cutoff shield, and a solenoid. The xenon bulb emits a high-intensity light when it is powered. When the solenoid is activated, it pushes the cutoff shield down and makes the light beam larger. This allows you to use the high beam when driving at night. The xenon bulb will return to the low-beam when power is not applied to it.

These projectors are DOT or ECE approved. They are compatible with a wide range of cars. They can be installed in a standard headlight or in a fog light. In some cases, you bi xenon projector lens will need to replace the original headlight assembly to accommodate the new projector.

Royalin offers a variety of different models of bi-xenon projector lens. The smallest model is 1.8 inch and is easy to install in the original headlight reflector. It can be used with H1 xenon bulbs, Kioto Q5, Hella G5 and other H7 Xenon bulbs.

D1S or D2S

The D1S is a new generation of projector lens which has been designed to fit most standard headlight housings. It is compatible with HID kits using a 35W or 45W ballast. It has high performance with excellent brightness, a sharp cut off line, and far-shooting light beam. It is also easy to install and is a great replacement for your old Hella projector lens.

It uses the side-pole solenoid mechanism to create a low and high beam pattern when actuated, and has a straight fully die-cast shield to keep the light output consistent. The Aozoom D2S can produce a wide and even low-beam pattern that is perfect for avoiding blinding oncoming traffic, while the high beam provides plenty of light to penetrate hundreds of meters at night.

This projector has a threaded shaft on the back to allow it to mount to most existing headlight reflectors without drilling any holes in the car’s headlamp housing. It is compatible with the H4 bulb type and can be used with either halogen or xenon bulbs. However, if you are using a halogen bulb you should be aware that these projectors will not seat properly in the reflector bowl and will produce glare that could potentially blind oncoming drivers. It is best to use these projectors with a bi-xenon bulb or LED bulb to avoid any issues.

H1 or H7

If you want to upgrade your car headlights to give them a stylish OEM look and get an intense bi xenon flash, these projector lenses are the perfect choice. They come in different color variants to suit your needs. 6000k is the standard option but you can also choose the XB35 versions which are of an even higher quality and offer more light output.

These H1 based projector lenses have a clear cut-off line which means they won’t blind drivers coming from the opposite direction. This is important on country roads where the lighting depth is much lower than on highways. These xenon projector lenses from Retrofitlab also have a bright hotspot to ensure that you can see other cars on the road at night.

In addition to the standard mini h1 halogen projector lens we also offer a high beam version which has a dual core led chip inside. This makes it much brighter in low and high beam mode than the standard single-core halogen projector lens.

The dual-core bi xenon projector lens is the most popular option for those who want to upgrade their car lights. However, you should always check which bulb size your vehicle has to make sure that the new projector lens will fit. It’s best to use a high-quality HID kit to prevent the ballast from overheating and damaging the projector lens.


Xenon projector lens are an essential upgrade for your car if you want to make it safer to drive at night. Without the proper projector lens, your HID bulbs’ light will not converge and can cause glare to other road users. Moreover, the original chrome reflector will degrade quickly due to high heat from the halogen bulbs. Using a simple plug and play xenon kit without a proper projector lens is not only illegal, but it will also ruin the quality of your car’s chrome reflectors. So, you should always use a Royalin bi-xenon kit with a projector lens to get the best results.

The M LED 2.0 is the best-selling projector in the retrofit world and rightfully so. It’s packed with the latest features, including a built-in high-beam shutter, and is surprisingly easy to install. You can forget about separating the bulbs, worrying about where to mount them, and having to deal with a complex relay harness.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-install HID conversion, the M LED 2.0 is the way to go. The premium build quality, a sharp cutoff, and the slick design are enough to justify the price. But the real selling point is the performance. It’s unparalleled in the world of retrofitting, and is a true step bi xenon projector lens above any Bi-xenon competitor. It may seem expensive on the surface, but you’ll save money by not having to buy big ballasts and complex relay harnesses.

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