Snap Frame Light Box

Snap Frame Light Box

Snap Frame Light Box provides an eye-catching backlit display that accentuates your visual content. It is the perfect solution for permanent retail displays, corporate environments, and eye-catching trade show graphics.

These silver LED lightboxes feature a slim 1″ profile and easy-to-use snap frame rails to firmly secure the backlit graphic. They come standard with clear protective lenses and hanging hardware.

Easy to Change Graphics

Incorporate a snap frame light box into your visual display to showcase posters, photography or advertisements while grabbing attention. Designed with an edge-lit LED diffuser panel, these wall mounted lightbox graphic displays present a sleek and professional aesthetic and offer a slim profile for easy graphics changes. With a lengthy lifespan, minimal energy usage and protective features for your graphics, snap frame lightboxes are an efficient choice.

Known as snap frames or front load poster frames, these lightboxes have become popular for a wide variety of display applications. These aluminum display frames are a staple in retail stores, restaurants and exhibition halls for their quick change capability. Easily swap out your graphic with new material by simply opening the frames on all four corners and snapping open, then inserting your new signage.

This lightbox’s front-loading design is especially ideal for retail environments, transit stations and large shopping centers, where you need to change out signage frequently. The thin profile is a perfect fit in narrow storefronts, Snap Frame Light Box and the durable construction is able to resist scuffs and scratches from high traffic and constant use.

Lightboxes come in a range of sizes, colors and finishes. Some are designed to be used indoors, while others are made for outdoor use. The type of lightbox you choose depends on your needs, such as whether you want it to be double-sided or if you prefer a frameless look. Prices vary depending on the manufacturer and retailer, but you can also find budget-friendly options if you’re looking for an affordable solution.


Snap Frame Light Boxes are a staple in many industries for displaying art, signage, and promotional materials. Their sleek aesthetics and easy graphic changes make them an eye-catching addition to many locations including retail shops, restaurants, auto showrooms, and living rooms. These displays feature LED bulbs built into the frames that illuminate custom images and artwork printed on a glossy backlit film. They are available in both edge-lit and backlit models, and are CSA/UL approved for indoor use.

The aluminum frames are thin and slim with a stylish design that works well with most decor. They also feature an acrylic diffuser panel that evenly distributes illumination over the display, preventing shadowing and bright spots. These lights are more efficient than traditional fluorescent poster light boxes, and require less electricity to operate.

Unlike other lighting technologies, these illuminated displays are able to accommodate both single-sided and double-sided graphics. They are also available in various sizes, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. Regardless of the size, these lightboxes are designed to be durable and long-lasting.

Snap Frame Light Boxes are one of the easiest ways to hang an impressively vibrant and luminous piece of art or photography. They are similar to oversized picture frames, with rails that snap open and closed to allow users to easily replace the graphics. The process is simple: just flip open all sides of the silver frame, remove the PET-G anti-glare protective lens, insert a new graphic, then snap it shut.

Easy to Install

Lighted snap frames are a wall mounted, energy efficient way to make posters and other graphics pop. These LED lighted displays feature a durable silver snap frame and an easily accessible front loading design to allow for quick graphic changes. Each display comes with a protective lens to help reduce glare and protect your printed graphics. These illuminated snap frames can be hung vertically or horizontally and can be positioned in landscape or portrait mode. The UL listed power supply plugs into any standard outlet to power the LED backlight bulbs.

Illuminated snap frames can be installed in a variety of locations and are great for businesses, restaurants, cell phone stores and more. They are easy to install and require no tools. They are also very cost-effective and energy-efficient compared to traditional light box signage. The LED lighting is built into the frame and the high-gloss custom backlit film material helps your visual graphics stand out.

Snap frame LED light boxes are an ideal solution for permanent retail displays, corporate environments and eye-catching trade show graphics. Their slim profile makes them the perfect choice for any location where space is limited. All models use energy-efficient LED lighting and UL listed components to ensure long lasting operation. They are available in a wide range of sizes to work with most any location, including ADA compliance regulations for public areas.


Illuminated snap frames are a cost-efficient solution for showcasing advertisements or promotional materials. Their sleek design and user-friendly mechanisms enable simple graphic updates and adaptations to changing campaigns or products. Additionally, the LED lighting technology that is built into them consumes significantly less electricity than traditional fluorescent poster light boxes, making them a financially-sound investment over time.

Snap frame lightboxes utilize new edge-lit technology to brighten and bring posters, graphics, photography, and signage to life. The edge of the light diffusing panel is fixed with LED strip lighting, which uses a low voltage and provides consistent illumination Snap Frame Light Box throughout the display. This uniform illumination bolsters visibility and catches attention within the surrounding environment.

This makes them an excellent choice for capturing customers’ attention at retail stores, corporate offices, institutions, or point of purchase applications. Additionally, the lightboxes’ slim profile ensures a sleek and professional appearance, blending seamlessly into any interior decor.

Snap frame lightboxes are a great option for backlighting SEG Fabric light boxes, as they can be easily front loaded by simply snapping open the spring-loaded frame edges and removing the anti-glare transparent cover. They are also available in a variety of sizes and orientations, allowing you to choose a display that fits your space. They are also a smart choice for businesses that need to change their images frequently. The snap-open frame design of these displays allows you to swap out the printed SEG fabric graphic quickly and easily without damaging it.

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