High Temperature Silicone

High Temperature Silicone

High temperature silicone is designed to withstand high temperatures and resist aging, corrosion, vibration and shock. This type of silicone is typically used as a sealant or adhesive in applications that will be exposed to high heat and other environmental factors.

The unique chemical structure of silicone rubber allows it to withstand elevated temperatures without melting. Once the autoignition temperature is reached, silicone will begin to smoke as volatiles are released and it will eventually combust to produce silicon dioxide and carbon dioxide.

Sealing Automotive Components

In a lot of situations, your car’s leaking bits and pieces don’t require an expensive trip to the auto repair shop. Instead, a tube of silicone and a little patience can do the trick for most simple repairs to keep your trusty ride going strong.

If you need to seal a gap between two components on your vehicle, look no further than high temperature silicone. This versatile form-in-place gasket material is easy to work with, durable, and resistant to temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s important to note that this silicone is not designed as a replacement for a paper, cork, or metal gasket. That said, it’s perfectly fine to use for valve covers, oil pans, and other basic surfaces where a tight seal is needed to keep fluids in and dirt out.

RTV Silicone (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) is ready to use right out of the tube, and it sets up fairly quickly. It’s important to note that before you use it, the bonding surface must be clean and dry. It’s high temperature silicone also recommended to apply a primer (consult the product’s tech sheet for details) prior to using it in applications where adhesion is important.

Ideally, you’ll want to lay down an even, continuous 1/8 inch bead of the silicone and make sure to surround all bolt holes when it comes time to reassemble. Wait until it dries to the touch before tightening parts.

Sealing Industrial Components

High temperature silicone sealants are often used in industrial applications because they can withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, and also resist aging, vibrations, and shock. This type of silicone is commonly used in a variety of applications, including sealing and encapsulating heating elements, and can also be applied to ductwork, furnace doors, appliance gaskets, and seals for wire and cable. It can even be used to repair solar panels, or as a waterproof sealant on a shower.

For automobiles, this high-temperature silicone can be used as a form-in-place engine gasket compound. It can be applied to clean and prepped gasket surfaces, and is able to withstand heat intermittently up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a great alternative to hard and custom gaskets. This silicone gasketing compound also helps prevent leaks in standard valve packing, pumps, and other auto parts. It is non corrosive, and resistant to oil, water, and the ethylene glycol commonly found in automotive engine coolants. It is also oxygen sensor safe.

High-temperature silicone can be used to make a wide variety of craft projects, including molding and bonding items together. It can be used for things like applying decorative accents to glass, and can also be used as a waterproof coating on windows or other materials. It is also a good choice for crafting projects that require an adhesive with low-slumping properties. It can adhere to many different clean surfaces, including glass, metals, and woods.

Sealing Industrial Equipment

Sealing industrial equipment requires a special type of product that can withstand heavy machinery operating hours and tough environments. Whether your company works on oil rigs, mines or manufacturing plants, your equipment is subjected to high temperatures and pressure. That’s why you need industrial seals that are able to handle those conditions and last longer than standard sealant.

The right sealant can ensure that you get the best possible performance from your equipment. Grizzly Supplies offers a selection of industrial seals that are perfect for your needs. These seals will prevent leaks and extend the times between maintenance calls.

A popular choice is Hercules high temperature silicone, which can withstand temperatures up to 600 deg F without melting. This non-toxic, low odor sealant is ideal for sealing pipes, ducts/vents and more. It also offers resistance to weathering, vibration, shrinking and cracking.

Another good option is Weicon HT 300, which is an industrial grade silicone that is designed for use in harsh working environments. This one part RTV silicone sealant can withstand permanent exposure to 280 deg C and short-term exposure to up to 300 deg C.

The first step in using this product is to clean the area where you will be applying it. Then you can apply a small bead of the product to the area and press together the surfaces to create a strong bond.

Sealing Chemical Components

If an area of a building or piece of equipment will be exposed to high temperatures on a regular basis, sealing or encapsulating with high temperature silicone is the best option. These sealants can withstand high temperatures and remain flexible when fully cured. They also resist aging and vibrations. High-temperature silicones are used to seal and encapsulate heating elements, industrial equipment and other areas that could be subject to heat on a continuous or intermittent basis.

Before choosing the right type of high temperature silicone to use for a project, determine what properties are needed in order to achieve the desired results. For example, the sealant may need to be able to withstand vibrations, or it may need to be resistant to corrosive chemicals and caustic liquids. Once a decision is made about what properties are necessary, the next high temperature silicone step is choosing the appropriate formula. There are several options available, including low modulus, neutral cure and acetoxy cure silicones. Low-modulus will require only a small amount of force to stretch, while neutral cure is more elastic. Acetoxy releases vinegar-smelling acetic acid as it cures, and it does not adhere as well to plastics, glass or aluminium as a neutral cure silicone will.

Work Zone high temperature silicone is a premium, one component, room-temperature vulcanizing (RTV) acetoxy cure sealant that offers excellent adhesion to most common substrates in high-temperature scenarios. When cured, it provides a durable, watertight bond that can withstand extreme temperatures and other environmental stresses. It is sold in tubes, 300 ml cartridges, 18.9 liter pails and 200 liter drums through hardware, paint and specialty distributors.

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