Snap Frame Light Boxes

Snap Frame Light Boxes

Snap Frame light boxes are a popular option for illuminated signage. They are easy to change and can be used for a variety of applications. The snap frame is made up of four rails that slide open and closed for graphic changes. This is a great option for retail and corporate environments.

Easy to Change Graphics

Snap frame light boxes have become a standard fixture for retail displays, eye-catching trade show graphics, corporate environments, photography studios and signage in many industries. These LED light box displays are designed to easily change graphics by simply opening up the silver frames on all sides, inserting a new backlit graphic, and snapping the frame closed again. They can be wall mounted by themselves or placed adjacent to one another to create a back-to-back display.

These aluminum lightbox frames can be ordered in a variety of sizes to fit any space. They are lightweight and easy to install, with mounting hardware included. They also use a LED edge-lit technology that consumes less energy than traditional lightboxes. They are available in both portrait and landscape orientations, with the frame being only 1.18” thick.

Our lighted snap frames have classic Snap Frame Light Box mitered corners for a timeless picture frame look that may be preferred by some businesses and locations. They come in a range of finishes, with nine metal and three Faux Wood options for customers that prefer the warm appearance of wood over metal.

Our Ultra Thin LED Lighted Snap Frames have LED bulbs built into the frame, allowing for a simple and fast graphic changing process. The gloss backlit film is installed into the frame by opening up the silver snapping frame pieces. The fabric graphic then stretches to the edges of the frame extrusion, creating a sleek and modern “frameless” appearance that is popular with fashion brands, such as Hudsonville Ice Cream, H&M, Macy’s, Johnston and Murphy, and Aldo.


Snap Frame Light Boxes offer an aesthetically appealing design that’s perfect for any space. They’re available in a variety of standard sizes and feature an aluminum, satin silver anodized finish. They’re also lightweight for easy hanging and transport. In addition, they’re durable enough for long term use. They can be used for retail displays, restaurant menu boards and even for eye-catching trade show graphics.

These LED light boxes have a thin 1.18″ profile and front-loading capabilities. They can be installed on walls, in window reveals or on pedestal bases to create freestanding displays. They’re a popular choice for businesses, organizations and schools that need to display promotional materials in a cost-effective manner.

The LED lighting in these light boxes provides a bright, clear display. They also consume less energy than traditional fluorescent light boxes, resulting in lower maintenance and electricity costs. Additionally, the LED technology in these light boxes lasts longer than traditional fluorescent bulbs.

This state-of-the-art LED light box is ideal for displaying posters, signage, maps and other graphic designs. It has an ultra-slim profile that’s less than 1 inch deep and is offered in numerous standard sizes. This smart LED light box requires low maintenance, has a low voltage power source and uses up to 60% less energy than traditional florescent backlit displays. It is perfect for retail stores, corporate facilities and hotel lobbies.


Whether they are wall-mounted or freestanding, snap frames light boxes are designed to stand up to a variety of environmental conditions. These durable displays use LED technology to create brilliant and attention-grabbing signage. They are also energy-efficient and last up to seven times longer than fluorescent lighting.

Using a light box snap frame is one of the easiest ways to display impressive artwork and messaging at your retail store, Snap Frame Light Box corporate office or trade show booth. These simple-to-use displays can be changed in a matter of minutes without the need for special tools or installation. Simply open up the silver frame rails at the front, insert your new backlit graphic transparency and close the silver frame.

LED lighted snap frames offer many standard sizes and your choice of popular finishes including satin silver or brushed black. They are long lasting and energy efficient utilizing UL approved LED components. They are also a very thin design, less than four inches in depth with some edge lit and backlit models at an ultra-thin 1 3/4”.

For high visibility, these frames are available with an upgraded clear acrylic backing. This allows the backlit light to reach across your message with better lighting distribution. It also helps eliminate the dark centers that can be seen on large sizes of lightboxes. Lastly, the edges of these lightboxes are reinforced to increase the durability of the structure. This is especially important if you are using the lightbox as a point-of-sale display or hanging it in a public space.

Easy to Install

Light box snap frames are used by businesses across a variety of industries to display images, posters and signage. They are a quick, inexpensive solution to bringing a graphic display to life and attracting customers. They are a popular choice for restaurants and food establishments, retail stores, sports and entertainment centers, auto showrooms, banking institutions, medical facilities, hotels, photography studios and more.

These LED lighted displays are easy to install and operate. They come with a power supply that is either plug-in or hardwired. Some manufacturers offer individual frame plug-in sources, while others provide a larger power apparatus that supports multiple snap frames. It’s important to choose a quality dimmable movie poster lightbox, which will allow you to lower the brightness and create a cozy ambiance for your cinema room.

The patented rail design of these illuminated snap frames allows you to easily insert or change the display graphics without the need for tools. The aluminum frame rails “snap” open allowing you to place or front load your desired graphic and then snap shut. You can also hang the poster display vertically or horizontally depending on your business needs.

Compared to traditional fluorescent backlit signs, these LED illuminated displays are more energy efficient. They use less electricity and emit less heat, reducing the impact on your electrical bill and ensuring that your display is environmentally friendly.

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