Installing a Wi-Fi Panorama Camera Outdoor

Installing a Wi-Fi Panorama Camera Outdoor

The GEENI smart Wi-Fi camera is easy to install (though instructions could be improved) and works well. It has motion detection and two-way communication. It can record video locally on a microSD card, or you can use its cloud storage service. It also supports 2.4GHz wifi. It also has a built in LED light and infra-red night vision.


The 1080p panoramic hd camera has a 140° field of view to cover large rooms/spaces, wide yards and entryways. The extreme wide-angle captures views that traditional cameras miss, eliminating blind spots and allowing you to monitor more areas with a single camera. This saves you money and installation time while providing more security and situational awareness.

Features include a built-in motion-activated spotlight, human detection technology and 2-way audio. Its high definition video is clear in the day and night. The camera can detect a person’s face and send an alert to your smart device. It also can record sound and use the two-way audio feature to talk through the camera with someone outside, such as a delivery person or a neighbor.

The camera is equipped with a pan/tilt module to provide industry-leading positioning and movement capabilities for more advanced applications. It is rated IP67 and can withstand the elements, including wind, rain, snow and dust. It can be installed indoors or outdoors and in a variety of mounting configurations to fit your needs. It has a Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) slot that allows it to be connected to fiber optic connections for easy integration into your system. This camera also has the ability to record to a local memory card.


When installing a panoramic camera outdoor, it is important to plan the route of the cable from the power adapter to a wall outlet. If possible, it is best to keep this cable away from the weather as much as possible to prevent moisture wifi panorama camera outdoor from affecting video quality. In addition, it is recommended to install the camera at least eight inches away from any windows or doors to avoid any potential obstructions. If necessary, a Cat5 cable clip can be used to help secure the wire. A silicone seal is also recommended to minimize rain or snow from sticking to the lens.

Once the camera is connected to the 2.4G WiFi router, users can view the live feed from the Cox Homelife app or website. If the camera is working properly, a solid blue light should appear on the display. The camera can then be mounted to a flat surface using the included screws and anchors, or it can be mounted on a wifi panorama camera outdoor ceiling using the mounting bracket. Ideally, the camera should be installed at least 8-10 feet from the ground to allow for a clear view of the scene. After the camera is mounted, users can adjust the viewing angle as needed by checking the view from the Cox Panoramic Wifi Camera app.

Video Quality

This Yoosee 3MP 360 camera has a super wide angle of view to cover the entire room, it supports ePTZ function in app and PC software (CMSClient), you can remotely control the camera with simple pan/tilt/zoom operation. The panoramic camera also has a built in speaker and microphone to support two way communication, you can talk with your family and friends from anywhere anytime, even when you are on vacation. The camera can record video locally on a micro SD card, once full, new videos will automatically overwrite old ones.

Superior image quality, especially after digital zoom in, is one of the key features for a panoramic security camera. It allows you to have seamless situational awareness as if you were immersed in the scene.

Customer Service

Whether you have a question about your new product, a problem with an existing installation or a technical issue, our customer support team is always ready to help. Our goal is to provide you with a high-quality experience and peace of mind. Pelco’s panoramic IP cameras deliver total situational awareness by detecting and classifying people and objects using smart analytics with wide area coverage.

To avoid connection issues, we recommend connecting your camera to a 2.4GHz band network before pairing. It is also important to ensure that your WiFi password is in English and 8-20 characters long. For additional assistance, please visit the Pelco customer support page.

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