Bi Xenon Projector Lens

Bi Xenon Projector Lens

Many people install xenon bulbs into their car headlights. However, without proper xenon projector lens their light beam does not converge and creates glare for other road users.

Royalin bi xenon projector lens is the solution for this problem. It has a clear lens and comes with a cutoff shield. When powered, the solenoid pulls or pushes the shield down to expose more lighting into the chrome bowl – creating high beam.

Brighter Lighting

A bi xenon projector lens can make your car headlight much brighter. It has a clear glass lens pre-installed, so it can easily fit your vehicle’s original headlight housing. It also features a unique reflector that is made of high-quality materials. This ensures that your headlight bi xenon projector lens is not only very powerful, but it will also be safe for other drivers on the road.

When the bi-xenon system is activated, a cutoff shield inside the lens will open to let the light pass through. This shield is on a hinge, so it can move up or down to switch between low and high beam patterns. It will not allow any glare to be reflected on other cars, so you can be sure that you are not blinding anyone on the road.

In addition, the bi-xenon system can help you to achieve a wider and better lighting pattern than a halogen bulb can. It can even match the brightness of some LED bulbs. This will be a great improvement for your driving experience.

It can be used with a halogen or xenon HID bulb. However, you should be careful to choose the correct size of the bulb to avoid causing damage to your car’s headlights. Royalin provides a wide range of different wattages to fit your vehicle, so you can find the one that is right for you.

Safer Lighting

Bi-xenon projector lens is a special type of HID headlights that can achieve both high and low beam patterns in one headlight. This is possible because the projector lens has a special cutoff shield that can move up and down to control how much light is visible through the headlight. When the high beam switch is activated, a solenoid within the projector will pull or push the cutoff shield down so that more light can be emitted. This will prevent the lights from blinding oncoming traffic. When the high beam switch is deactivated, the shield will return to its normal low-beam position.

Unlike standard halogen bulbs, HID (Xenon) bulbs emit a brighter, more focused lighting pattern that is safer for other drivers on the road. However, it is important to note that HIDs can cause issues if they are installed into a headlight housing that was designed for halogen bulbs. Typically, installing HID bulbs into a halogen reflector will result in glaring lights being directed towards oncoming traffic and it can also damage the projector lens.

With a bi-xenon projector retrofit, the issue of HID bulbs creating dangerous glare is eliminated because the high and low beams are generated by the projector lens itself instead of the Xenon bulb itself. This means that even if your original headlights are wired for halogen high beams, you can easily use our bi-xenon relay wiring harness to add the ability to run a separate halogen high beam in conjunction with the new Bi-Xenon headlights.

Wider Beam Pattern

There are many different types of projector lenses available on the market. However, the most common type is a bi-xenon projector lens. These are designed to work with both halogen bulbs and HID (High Intensity Discharge) bulbs. This means that they can provide both low and high beams. This is an excellent feature, especially for drivers who frequently drive on the highway at night. It can help to keep other cars from being blinded by your headlights.

This is achieved by using a special cut-off shield that is on a hinge. When the high beam is activated, the solenoid pushes or pulls this cut-off shield down to expose more of the lens to create a higher beam pattern. Once the high beam is deactivated, it moves back up to its normal low-beam position.

In order to ensure that the bi-xenon projector lens you buy will be compatible with your vehicle’s headlight, it is important to choose one that has a DOT or ECE certification. This will ensure that the projector lens meets your country’s driving standards, so that it is legal to use on the road. Royalin offers a variety of bi-xenon projects lenses that are compatible with a wide range of xenon bulbs, including HC21, D3S, D4S, and H7. These are an excellent option for anyone looking to upgrade their car’s lighting.

Easy to Install

Besides concentrating all the light available in your headlights, making them brighter and safer – bi xenon projector lenses also look great in your car. They make you stand out from “that guy” with the cheap HID kit thrown in his stock headlights and they add to the luxury feel of your ride.

The projector lens is what makes your car’s HID bulbs different than regular halogen lights. While halogen bulbs have a flat reflector that diffuses the lighting into a small, disjointed hot spot, a projector’s lens is shaped like a curved cylinder. This shape allows the bulb to illuminate a larger area of the road with much more intensity, which means you’ll be able to see farther ahead and drive safely at night.

Bi xenon projectors are a great way bi xenon projector lens to upgrade your car’s headlights because they allow you to have both high and low beams in one headlight, which is not only more practical but also compliant with European Road Safe Rules. Royalin Xenon projector lens are compatible with LED bulbs with the same focal length as your original halogen bulb to lower your retrofit cost and still get amazing lighting.

It only takes about half a day to install a xenon projector from Retrofitlab in your car. The reward is unparalleled light output, a sharp cutoff and a luxurious look that you’ll be proud of for years to come.

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