Akfix Polyurethane Construction Sealant

Akfix Polyurethane Construction Sealant

A single-component, moisture cure polyurethane construction sealant that is suitable for a variety of building expansion joints. It will bond to concrete, masonry, metals and a variety of plastics. It can withstand structural movement and remains flexible in cold temperatures. It is also paintable after curing.

In a previous post we looked at the differences between silicone and polyurethane adhesives and sealants. In this article, we will look at the benefits of using polyurethane.

High UV Resistance

As any contractor knows, sealants play an important role in preventing moisture and air penetration. They can also serve as a barrier between surfaces and the surrounding environment to protect structures from the elements. This is especially true in outdoor construction. When selecting a sealant for exterior use, it’s crucial to choose one that will resist UV radiation. While silicone sealants have some resistance to UV, polyurethane construction sealant has an even greater degree of protection.

A great option for outdoor construction jobs is ULTRA-Seal PU-1. This versatile elastomeric sealant is available in several colors to coordinate with a variety of project materials. It also offers high durability and a long service life. In addition, it can be used with a wide range of paint systems. It is also low-emitting and meets LEED requirements for 4.1 Low-Emitting Adhesives and Sealants.

Another excellent option for construction projects is Sikaflex 525 polyurethane sealant. This one-component, moisture curing elastomeric compound is ideal for sealing gaps and joints in concrete, masonry and other porous substrates. It dries to a hard, flexible elastomeric film and can withstand heavy use, seasonal weather changes, and other environmental conditions. It also resists shrinking, tearing and fading and is compatible with most building materials.

For other types of outdoor projects, consider Loctite PL S40. This polyurethane window, polyurethane construction sealant door and siding sealant is durable, waterproof and paintable. It’s ideal for sealing gaps around windows, doors and siding as well as garage framing and sill plates. It can also be used to seal flashing on roofs and other exterior projects.

Water Resistance

This polyurethane caulk is highly water resistant, allowing it to withstand heavy rainfall and other wet conditions. It also has a high UV resistance, which protects against discoloration and degradation over time. While silicone sealants deteriorate when exposed to sunlight, Akfix polyurethane construction sealant retains its integrity and provides long-term protection.

This non-sag elastomeric, gun grade, moisture curing, one-part polyurethane construction adhesive sealant is used for sealing construction expansion joints. It adheres to most surfaces including concrete, masonry, wood, glass and metals. It can be painted to improve the appearance of the finished application. It is available in a variety of colors and sizes to suit different applications.

It is designed to outperform traditional VOC solvent polyurethanes in a wide range of moving joint applications in concrete, masonry and basic perimeter joints. It is ideal for window framing and curtain wall applications, as well as other basic perimeter joints in commercial buildings to secure a watertight seal.

The formulation includes a polyurethane base, a cross-linker, an antioxidant and a drying agent. The polyurethane base has a high molecular weight, resulting in a dense, tough and resilient material. The cross-linker has a high molecular weight, which helps to provide an excellent bond to materials such as concrete and other hard substrates. The drying agent can be any known material, but a chalcogen oxide such as calcium oxide is preferred. This ingredient has three functions in the composition: it prevents bubbling during curing and reacts with carbon dioxide to form calcium carbonate. It also consumes the water molecules that diffuse to the polyurethane chains of the cured sealant to deter water swelling.

Easy to Apply

Sealants are a critical part of any building project, especially the transition points like expansion joints, control joints and window-to-wall connections. These areas are most susceptible to moisture intrusion due to the movement of the substrate and its components. The proper application of the right caulking technology is key to preventing water penetration and other damage.

The best choice for this type of project is a polyurethane construction sealant. These materials are easy to use and offer a wide range of bonding strengths and cure times. Your Atlas Supply product specialist can direct you to the best polyurethane caulk for your project, whether it is light or heavy duty.

A basic polyurethane construction caulk is a single component, low modulus, moisture curing, odorless and non-staining sealant. It adheres to a variety of surfaces like brick, concrete, aluminum and wood. It also seals gaps around windows, doors and frames. These caulks can be applied using any sausage-bulk caulking gun when the surface is clean and dry.

A polyurethane adhesive is a high-performance bonding liquid that adheres and bonds quickly. These materials are designed to replace rivets, screws and welds on heavy-duty structural projects. These materials have a very fast cure time that allows for quick assembly and disassembly of assemblies. They are durable under harsh environmental conditions and will withstand extreme temperatures.

Long Lasting

There are several types of construction sealants, and each one offers different benefits. Silicone, for example, offers high displacement and is often used in expansion joints. It is also a good choice for waterproofing and sealing concrete block walls, and it can be used in HVAC applications. Polyurethane, on the other hand, is more durable and offers higher elasticity. It is also ideal for areas and joints that are subject to a lot of movement.

When choosing a construction sealant, consider the environment and the specific needs of your project. If you are working outdoors, choose a polyurethane sealant with UV resistance. In addition, check whether the product you are considering contains phthalates. Six polyurethane construction sealant of the 33 sealants tested contained levels of phthalates that were concerning, including diisononyl phthalate and diisodecyl phthalate. In order to avoid these chemicals, select a polyurethane sealant that has been formulated without them.

CRL M64 Modified Polyurethane Construction Sealant is a low modulus, single-component, moisture curing, gun grade polyurethane sealant. It is designed to outperform traditional VOC solvent polyurethanes for sealing moving joints in concrete, masonry, metal and other basic perimeter joints. It is ideal for use in storefront and curtain wall applications, as well as bedding of mullions and panels. It will bond to a wide range of materials and is available in white and clear formulations for maximum flexibility and durability.

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