How to Choose a Hallway Wall Light

hallway wall light

How to Choose a Hallway Wall Light

If you have a small hallway that needs to be brightened up then look to flush ceiling lights, like the range from Lights2go. These are simple and easy to install but also help keep your hallway clean and uncluttered.

For a more decorative style choose a wall uplighter fitting, such as the LWA457 5 Watt Decorative White Interior LED Wall Light. It has a unique appearance that gives it artistic flair that works well in any colour hallway.

Spot Bars

Spot bars are a great choice for hallways because they offer an extra layer of lighting without taking up too much space. They have a sleek design and are often in a chrome finish which looks modern and can add to the overall design of the hallway. You can choose from different sizes of spot lights to suit your needs. Larger ones such as the Black Oak D-Series LED light bar offer a spot and flood beam pattern, giving you the best of both worlds.

A spot light is narrow and focused to illuminate a specific area while a flood LED light bar spreads the light out more evenly. A combo LED light bar, like the Performance X-Series LED light bar, is a good option because it is very powerful yet also has an even coverage.

Another important aspect of LED light bars to consider is their colour temperature. A lower number, such as 2700K, creates a warm tone and is better for hallways. A higher number, such as 6500K, produces a hallway wall light blue-tinted light that is ideal for attention to detail but can feel harsh after long periods of time.

Other options for hallways include a nightlight that is usually set on a timer to switch off at the end of the day or motion sensors that only activate when movement is detected. These can be useful for older people or families with children who may need a quick way to get around in the dark.


Sconces are a great way to create a warm and welcoming entryway. They can also work as an artistic element when paired with mirrors, wall art or other decorative elements. According to MyDomaine, sconces that are crafted with geometric forms and multiple finishes are ideal for hallways because they produce just the right amount of brightness without overpowering the space. Look for sconces with unique shade shapes, as well as those that feature intricate ornamentation to complement your hallway decor.

As with other types of light fixtures, hallway sconces come in many styles and sizes. Look for a design that reflects your personality or matches other light fixtures in the room. For example, if you’re using picture lights to illuminate home decor arranged on floating wall shelves, choose sconces that feature a similar design.

Another great feature of sconces is that you can find designs that shine upward, downward or in both directions. This allows you to direct the light where it’s most needed or to create a dynamic interplay of shadow and light that can be appealing. To create a balanced effect, be sure to place your hallway sconces evenly spaced on the wall. They should be hung at eye level and about 6-8 feet apart from each other. This rule applies to both sconces and flush mount ceiling lights.

Pendant Lighting

A woven or rope-style pendant light brings a touch of whimsy to a hallway, and it’s easy to find designs that match a variety of decor styles. If you prefer a more modern look, try an industrial-inspired metal fixture with a sleek silhouette or a sleek wicker fixture that adds texture to the room and provides a soft glow.

For a more traditional design, go with a streamlined mini pendant light that features a classic frame or an elegant design featuring scrolling accents. A drum-style fixture is another option that suits a variety of decor tastes, as its simple silhouette and uplighting helps to illuminate the ceiling and draw the eye down the length of the hallway. If you want a modern take on hallway lighting, try a fixture that features a minimalist form and unique light bulbs like Edison-style fixtures, which also work with smart home systems.

If you have high ceilings, try a double pendant to create an instant focal point in your hallway. The look will instantly elevate your hallway into a statement-making area of the home, and it’s easy to find a combination that suits your aesthetic. If you have low ceilings, consider using recessed lighting instead. These flush mount fixtures are mounted inside the ceiling, making them a great option for spaces that would feel too crowded with a hanging light fixture.

Accent Lighting

When it comes to hallway lighting, accent or feature lighting is a great way to draw attention to wall art, decoration or anything else that might be on your walls. This is especially true if you have a very plain hallway that you want to dress up with some stylish decor. A fixture like the Lynn Wall Sconce by Visual Comfort is a good example of an accent light that also doubles as decor, with its floral flourishes in a burnished silver leaf finish and curved stem.

Another option for accent lighting is recessed or hallway wall light track lighting, with multiple adjustable heads on a suspended rail or tracks. This type of lighting is great for washing over large areas of a wall, or it can be used to highlight specific objects and create a dramatic effect.

Decorative flush mount lights with a modern or transitional design are an excellent choice for many hallways. The look is clean and sleek, enhancing the space with an elegant touch. These types of fixtures are also a great option for homeowners who don’t have high ceilings and need something that doesn’t look too grand.

A fine console table paired with a lamp or standard mirror makes a statement on your hallway walls and will add a sense of luxury to the space. This type of setup works best if you keep the look symmetrical for a put together aesthetic.

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