Strengthen Your Hair With Quinoa Repair Conditioner

Repair Conditioner

Strengthen Your Hair With Quinoa Repair Conditioner

Treat your hair to a healthy boost with this nourishing conditioner. It’s like a health retreat for your strands, with strengthening Quinoa, the best hydrating ingredient duo Squalane & Pro Vitamin B5, Murumuru Butter and more.

Discover our wide range of conditioners here and choose from a selection that is sulfate-free, paraben-free and alcohol-free.

Strengthens and Repairs Hair

The ionic bonds in hair that hold it together are susceptible to damage from heat and chemical stressors like dyeing, perming and straightening. These bonds become weakened, leaving the strands with an overall dull and brittle feel that can result in dryness and frizz. To help rehydrate your strands and repair these broken bonds, look for products with hydrating ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter and argan oil.

These hydrating oils help seal in moisture to reduce the appearance of fine lines, boosting elasticity and making hair less prone to breakage. Additionally, these nourishing oils can reduce the appearance of damaged strands by smoothing out the cuticle to prevent further damage.

Some repairing conditioners contain bond-building materials to repair broken ionic and covalent bonds within the hair, reversing oxidative damage. Look for a sulfate-free conditioner that contains these reparative ingredients to strengthen and repair your strands from the inside out.

A rehydrating macro green blend with avocado, green tea Repair Conditioner and sacha inchi oils helps detangle and nourish brittle, dry and chemically treated hair. This blend also nourishes hair with anti-oxidants to reduce the signs of aging and UV exposure.

Shines Hair

Its lusciously thick formula penetrates deep into damaged hair to help repair it from within and adds shine and smoothness that’s silky to the touch. It’s color safe and infused with anti-oxidant rich Caviar Extract and Argan Oil to strengthen hair fibers, while restoring its elasticity.

While using products such as conditioners, oils and masks can certainly improve hair texture, appearance and slow damage, they cannot actually repair it. The only thing that can return damaged hair to a healthy state is regular haircuts, cutting off dead hair, and growing new, healthy, strong strands.

Fortunately, there are other ways to promote healthier, stronger strands including using nourishing hair oil treatments and incorporating reparative hair masks into your routine. However, to really give your hair the TLC it needs to recover from damaging effects of colour, chemical processing and heat styling, try our Repair Conditioner.

Detangles Hair

Whether you’re taking down a protective style or just getting ready to comb through your hair, a thorough detangling session is essential. This helps to keep breakage at bay and ensure that your moisturizers are distributed evenly throughout your curls.

Detangling is easiest when your hair is damp, so always spritz a little water on your strands before you start. It’s also helpful to use a detangling product or hair oil to coat the strands and make it easier to comb through. This is especially important when you’re taking down a style like braids or twists, as the process can leave your curls very matted and tangled.

Spritz daily with our nourishing hair detangler, which is packed with reparative Vitamin C technology, tames frizz and boosts shine for healthy, tangle-free hair. Or try our Repair Conditioner, a rich and creamy treatment that re-moisturizes dry, brittle and chemically treated hair Repair Conditioner to restore its youthful luster. You can even use it in between wash days to refresh your curls and tame frizzies.

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