5 Ways to Illuminate Your Hallway

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5 Ways to Illuminate Your Hallway

Hallways can benefit from ambient or standard lighting to create a welcoming tone. A softer, lower colour temperature light works best.

Uplighters and upward facing sconce (wall) lights will help to open up hallway spaces, making them feel larger. These should be added at regular intervals along the length of the hallway.


Pendants can provide the ideal solution to a dark hallway, shining ambient light from above while also adding decorative flair to your home design. You’ll find pendants in a variety of styles, from minimalist designs to more ornate and elaborate fixtures. For narrow hallways, consider a small pendant that keeps the fixture’s overall profile low to minimize its protrusion from the wall.

Another option is track lighting, which offers the flexibility to highlight artwork and other features that add interest to a hallway. Ideally, you should mount the fixtures at eye level so that you can clearly see what they’re highlighting, but be careful not to come too close to touching them. Otherwise, you may encounter a bare bulb or other exposed component that could pose a safety hazard.

Alternatively, you can save space by installing flush mount ceiling lights in your hallways. These fixtures sit directly against the ceiling, creating a sleek look without taking up any headroom. They come in a range of styles, from modern to traditional and art deco.

Lastly, you can illuminate your hallways with LED light bulbs. These lights have a higher lumen count than regular domestic bulbs, making them brighter and easier on the eyes. You can also choose between a warmer or cooler colour temperature to suit your hallway.

Wall Sconces

While ceiling lights like chandeliers tend to get most of the attention, wall sconces are versatile lighting fixtures that can create a range of moods and illuminate spaces. In hallways, sconces help to keep the space well-lit while also accentuating wall art and home decor arranged on floating shelf displays.

Wall sconces come in a wide range of styles, designs and materials, from traditional to modern. They’re often installed in pairs, and hallway wall light you can choose a model with upward-facing light for hallways or rooms where you want to highlight artwork and home decor.

To give your hallways a timeless, sophisticated vibe, opt for a metal sconce with an intricate design that’s finished in a neutral tone. For a more eclectic look, try a sconce with a geometric shade and unique material combos. For example, this sconce, recommended by Havenly lead designer Toussaint Derby, features a wicker-like ceramic shade that combines traditional and modern aesthetics. The fixture also includes a red-cloth cord that highlights the lamp’s mechanics, adding to its old-fashioned appeal.

Another option is a pair of sconces with downward-facing light. These are typically preferred for entryways, stairwells and long hallway spaces to provide adequate illumination as you make your way down the stairs or into the living room.

Floor Lamps

Whether you’re using your hallways for task lighting or simply as an entranceway to the rest of your home, a floor lamp is a great way to set the tone for the space. Look for one that echoes the color or finish of other fixtures, like this on-trend concrete lamp from Cox & Cox. Or, go with a sleek and minimal silhouette for an elegant feel that will complement most decor styles.

If you’re looking for something more traditional, consider this LED torchiere from Brightech, which offers four preset light temperatures and ten levels of brightness to set the mood in your space. Or, opt for a more unique look with this Edison bulb floor lamp from Decorilla, which features an exposed filament and a metal base. “Edison bulbs had their moment when modern-farmhouse style dominated the design scene, but that aesthetic still works in many rooms today,” says Decorilla lead designer Devin Shaffer.

Another option is this gorgeous crystal-effect floor lamp from EQ3. It’s perfect for a cozy reading nook because it doesn’t immediately hallway wall light look like a light fixture but instead adds a touch of luxury to the room. Plus, the marble base complements other materials, from wood to brass, for a cohesive look.

Table Lamps

If you’re looking for a way to illuminate a hallway without disrupting the sleep of your household members, table lamps are the perfect solution. These lights can stand on a nightstand and help you read a book before bed or illuminate your keys to get you to the door quickly in the dark.

They come in a variety of shapes and styles, and you can find options that coordinate with nearly any style of decor. You can also choose lamps with different features, such as touch-operated switches or a dimmer switch that gives you control over the brightness of the light. You can also decide what type of bulb your lamp needs, with the most common being an E26, which is often called a standard base. Other types include the E17, which isn’t as common, and the T5, which uses a fluorescent tube that has a diameter of five eighths of an inch.

Regardless of the style you choose, a hall light will help set a warm and welcoming mood for guests as they enter your home. Whether they’re sitting on your side table or your console table, these lights will create a sense of sophistication. Plus, they’re a great option for those who don’t have the space or ceiling height for a chandelier or wall sconces.

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