Sunshade Electric Roller Blind

Sunshade Electric Roller Blind

Sunshade Electric Roller Blind

The smartest window treatments combine quality, variety and compatibility with home automation systems. They range in price depending on the power source, which may include a traditional plug-in motor with cords or an ethernet connection like Graber’s Virtual Cord cellular shades.

Some options are designed with only limited cord exposure to reduce tripping and strangulation risks. Others feature no cords at all and can be controlled from a hub that integrates with voice assistants.


Motorized blinds aren’t just smart; they’re a stylish way to keep your furniture and decorations from fading in the sun. They come in a wide range of on-trend colors and styles to match any decor.

Smart shades and blinds have more than just a motor; they also have a communications protocol that carries Sunshade Electric Roller Blind command and control messages. The Powershades are hardwired and use an ethernet cable for this, but the majority of the options on our list run on wireless technology.

Among wireless solutions, Somfy TaHoma stands out for the way it integrates with other smart home systems and devices. You can set up scenarios that link your connected blinds with the rest of your connected gear, including smart lighting, smart heating and cooling systems, and even your smart audio system.

Another great feature of TaHoma is that it doesn’t require a hub to get started. This is a big plus because it means you can choose from different smart home motors depending on your needs: a Zigbee motor that works with SmartThings, Alexa, and Google Assistant; an Alexa-compatible motor for five specific Echo devices; or Apple HomeKit.

Light Control

The fabric you choose will play an important role in how much sunlight your shades block. Sheer and light filtering fabrics mitigate the sun’s rays and allow for views while blocking sunlight from entering the home. They offer a high R-value and are ideal for daytime use. Room darkening or blackout fabrics are available for those who want a nighttime solution that is insulative and provides privacy. Often these fabrics are offered in a unison or paired with an operable liner for maximum versatility.

Shades with a slatted construction provide the most variable light control. You can tilt the slats to adjust where light enters your space and how much. Some cellular shades and some window quilts come with a follow-the-sun feature that automatically adjusts their slats to minimize the amount of direct sunlight entering your space.

Whether you’re aiming to avoid that early-morning glare, or want to dim your lights for a movie night, you can control your shades with the touch of a button or a schedule. You can also integrate them with your smart home. The TRADFRI gateway that Ikea sells and the IKEA Home smart app work with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant to give you voice control.

Energy Efficiency

Shades offer a high level of energy efficiency that significantly reduces heating and cooling costs and stops sun glare from damaging your furniture, carpeting and hardwood floors. Choose from cellular, roller or solar shades to increase the R-value of your windows. These honeycomb-shaped window treatments add an extra layer of insulation that reduces heat transfer and reflects sunlight to keep rooms cool and comfortable. When paired with an automation system, your shades can be set to raise and lower on a schedule based on the season, maximizing energy savings and home comfort.

Serena smart shades move in near perfect unison, ensuring your spaces receive Sunshade Electric Roller Blind just the right amount of natural light throughout the day. Activate them using your app, voice or smart remote to create the ideal comfort zone for every room. Choose blackout blinds for naptime, or use the schedule feature to shut them at a time you want to go to sleep and prevent light from entering your bedroom. Select from a wide array of colors and fabrics to match any aesthetic.


Depending on the fabric, shades can offer different levels of privacy. Thick, opaque blackout fabrics block visibility from outside, while light filtering options allow some visible visibility and coverage. Semi-opaque fabrics fall somewhere in between. Some fabrics also have built-in UV protection to help curb damaging sun rays.

For a combination of daytime views and nighttime privacy, top-down/bottom-up shades move down from the top or up from the bottom and meet in the middle for full coverage and control. This option is available with most Roman, pleated and cellular shade styles.

Child Safety

Many roller shade fabrics come in cordless or limited-cord options that eliminate the possibility of tripping and strangulation hazards. When installed properly by a professional, these window treatments provide the safety and peace of mind you want in a home with children.


Shades are available in a wide variety of fabrics, patterns and colors to complement any room. From on-trend neutrals to vivid statements, there are options for coverage, privacy and filtered lighting. Decorative hem accents transform shades from a necessary window treatment into a stylish design element.

Child Safety

Retractable cords retract into a tube along the side of windows when the shades are open, eliminating tripping and strangulation hazards in homes with children. Many styles also feature built-in mechanisms that release or detach quickly if caught by the child to prevent injuries caused by difficult-to-remove cords.

Motorized shades can be paired with a smart hub and compatible home automation systems like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit for voice control. This allows you to set schedules to open your shades on your way to work or close them when it’s time for bed, enhancing convenience and comfort in your daily routine.

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