Personalized Tablet Cases and Sleeves – A Smart Way to Promote Your Business

Customized Tablet Case

Personalized Tablet Cases and Sleeves – A Smart Way to Promote Your Business

Personalized tablet cases are a smart way to promote your business or organization. They’re practical, stylish and will increase brand recall for your customers, clients, and employees.

Unlike an inscription, a customized case can easily be changed or repurposed. Moreover, it offers the best protection for your iPad Air.


Tablets are one of the most popular terminals used by many professionals due to their size and large display area. However, they are very delicate and their format makes them more exposed to impacts. That is why Melgar designs and manufactures a wide range of custom cases for tablets to protect them during transport. In addition to this, they have a series of accessories that make them more ergonomic and manageable.

Personalized cases for tablets are an excellent Customized Tablet Case way to promote your business or organization. They are an affordable promotional item that will increase brand recall among your target audience. They are perfect for handing out at events, gifting to clients and employees, or offering for sale as small sales items.

Personalizzalo allows you to create a customized case for your tablet in just a few steps. Simply select the model of your tablet from the list and upload a reference photo. You can also choose to edit the photo and add text, if desired. Once you are satisfied with the design, you can continue with the order.

This company offers high-quality custom-printed cases for tablets, as well as a large variety of other products, such as pens and other office equipment. Their website is easy to navigate and they have an extensive collection of product images, as well as detailed descriptions of each product. Their customer service is also very helpful and responsive.


Customizable tablet cases and sleeves are a great way to promote your business or organization. Printed with your logo or message, these products will get your brand exposure in the office, classrooms and public spaces. They also make a thoughtful gift for your clients and staff. They can even help increase brand recall at social media campaigns and trade shows.

Tablet cases are available in different materials, including neoprene and leather. Some are designed to be waterproof and have a convenient zipper for easy access. Others have a built-in stand for viewing and typing. Some even come with a keyboard, which is useful for writing longer texts. However, they don’t protect the screen, so it’s best to use tempered glass screen protectors with them.

Kids covers are designed to withstand drops and bumps, so they’re good for children to carry around. They’re usually made of shock-absorbing material and have thick edges to protect the tablet from scratches. They also feature a handle that works as a stand, which is useful when watching movies or playing games.

Embroidered cases are the most popular type of tablet cover, as they’re durable and stylish. They’re also inexpensive and offer plenty of space for your logo. To start, add Customized Tablet Case the name of the person to whom the tablet will belong. Use uppercase lettering for the first initial and lower case for the remaining letters.


Tablets are becoming very popular in schools and colleges as they offer a great alternative to laptops. They are lightweight, portable and easy to use. They come with a large screen which is ideal for students and teachers. They also need to be protected from bumps and scratches. This is where custom tablet cases come in handy. These cases are available in a range of colors, sizes and materials. These are a great promotional tool for schools and universities as they can increase brand recall at social media campaigns and trade shows. They are available for both Apple and Android tablets.

Gel tablet cases are thin and form fitting, keeping the original shape of the tablet and are great for bump and scratch protection. They don’t add any additional functionality, such as stands, and only cover the back of the device. They are also very affordable and can be printed with a full color logo.

Leather/folio style tablet cases are more stylish, made from a durable material such as neoprene or real/vegan leather and are quite light and fashionable. They often have a viewing and typing stand and allow full access to all ports and buttons. They are more expensive but provide excellent protection for the tablet and can be easily printed with a full color logo.

Sleeves are a good way to protect the device when not in use, but they do not protect the screen. They are very light and made from a durable material, and can be customized fairly cost-effectively with a silk print. These are ideal for handing out at events, giving to staff as part of a welcome pack or HR boost or offering as small sale items. Embedding is another option, which involves a custom mold being pre-configured of the logo and is heat-pressed into the case. This provides a more durable finish that isn’t prone to rub off.


Tablets are a great way to boost sales for businesses, especially at trade shows and events. They provide a way to display your logo in a hands-on, easy-to-use manner. You can also customize a cover to match your business’s brand. Personalized tablet cases and covers are an intelligent promotional tool that won’t blow your budget.

Custom tablet cases are made of slim and lightweight materials to protect your media devices on the go. These durable covers feature strong corner clips to keep your device in place and a sturdy stand that allows you to work from anywhere. They can also protect your device from accidental scratches and dents. These cases are ideal for students, professionals, and travel.

The printing capabilities of a customized tablet case can be enhanced by using the latest technology. For instance, you can use an inkjet printer to create a unique, textured look on your cover. The raised color effect provides a durable surface that is smudge-proof and scratch-resistant.

You can start a customizable phone and tablet case kiosk business with the help of an artisJet A4 LED UV printer, such as the artis 2100U or the artis 3000U. These printers are capable of printing high-quality, durable phone and tablet cases in just minutes. You can print a plastic phone case with an embossed effect in 2.5 minutes (white ink four times and color ink once). These printers are also capable of printing on different substrates and materials.

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