LED Work Lights

LED Work Lights

LED Work Lights

LED lights are designed to provide a lot of lumens with low power consumption. This means you’ll save on energy costs and reduce your environmental impact.

Look for a light that is durable enough to withstand dust, water and other harsh environments. A waterproof design is essential for outdoor work and campsites.

Energy Efficiency

Unlike fluorescent lights, LED work lights use only a fraction of energy and generate very little heat. This means they LED Work Lights are safer to use near people, as well as better for the environment. Plus, they can be plugged into an extension cord, which gives you greater flexibility when working on projects at home or on the jobsite.

A LED work light should offer sufficient illuminance to light up dark areas such as the underside of a car, a deep crawl space, or the inside of a water heater. It should also be waterproof and shock-resistant. Some models can also be mounted to a wall or ceiling for permanent lighting solutions.

You’ll want to choose a model that offers different powering options, such as AC power, rechargeable batteries, or solar power. This is so that you can choose the right light for your needs and budget. Some models may even feature charging ports for USB plugs and devices, which is a nice addition.

A great choice is this LED magnetic work light from Innofox, which comes with two rechargeable batteries and is able to illuminate up to 85 feet. It also offers various brightness modes, a strobe setting, and an adjustable angle of up to 360 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees up and down. Plus, it has a sturdy design that’s both waterproof and dustproof.

Long Lifespan

LED work lights have an extremely long lifespan compared to their traditional counterparts, allowing for less maintenance and replacement costs. They convert 95% of the energy they consume into light and only 5% into heat which significantly reduces electricity bills. They also produce considerably less heat than halogen bulbs, which can lower air conditioning costs in the summer.

The lifespan of a LED light depends on the quality of its components; look for high-quality capacitors that will not overheat. Often, LED products will deliver more illumination hours than advertised if the capacitors are of good quality. If you notice an LED light failing ahead of schedule, it may be due to a poorly made capacitor that needs replacing.

Additionally, the lifetime of an LED light is extended by its lack of mercury content. This makes it safer for the environment and easier to dispose of at the end of its lifecycle compared to fluorescent or mercury vapor bulbs which require specialist disposal.

If you are purchasing a waterproof LED work light make sure it has a rating that indicates how well it is protected from dirt, dust and water; a good option is to choose one with an IP67 rating which means it can be submerged in 3.3 feet of water for 30 minutes. You should also look for a product that is compatible with the battery system you are using; newer technologies like COB (chip-on-board) technology allow more LEDs to be packed together into a smaller form factor, which can improve power efficiency and brightness.


The durability of LED work lights is a big benefit for many trade professions. Whether they’re used on the job site, camping or examining a broken down car on the side of the road at night, having a durable and reliable light to work with is essential. Look for work lights that are made of sturdy metals and plastics, as well as for those that have protective coatings to keep them from getting damaged by drops or rain.

Another thing to consider is how bright your LED work lights are, as measured in lumens (lm) – you’ll want them to be as bright as possible for use in the darkest of settings. Also check how many lighting modes your LED work lights have, including dimming options and strobe and flashing modes for emergencies.

Finally, consider how portable your LED work lights are – you’ll want them to be easy to carry and able to be stored in tight spaces when they’re not in use. Look for models that have a handle or telescoping LED Work Lights arm for portability and ones that can be collapsed down to save space. Some LED work lights also have retractable cords that let you mount them to the ceiling or wall for a permanent fixture. Also make sure the power cord is long enough for you to reach where you need it when using the light.


A work light is a portable tool and needs to be easily moved between locations, which requires it to be lightweight. A good work light should be no more than 8.5 pounds to make it easy to carry around your jobsite or home.

LED lighting is not delicate like traditional bulbs which makes it a good choice for use in harsh environments such as on a construction site or in your garage or workshop. Look for a work light that has an Ingress Protection (IP) rating, usually based on two numbers, with the first number, from 0 to 6, representing the level of protection against solid objects such as dust and debris and the second number, from 0 to 7, indicating the level of water resistance.

Many LED work lights come with multiple lumen output settings. Choose the brightness level that best suits your job or the environment. Some work lights also have a zoom function, allowing you to focus the light on an area.

Some LED work lights offer a corded AC power option while others have rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable work lights are a good choice for home and workshop use as they can be used while charging, so you have access to plenty of illumination at all times. Most rechargeable work lights run on the same type of lithium-ion batteries that power your mobile phone, so they are simple to find and replace.

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