Acoustic Ceiling Wood

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Acoustic Ceiling Wood

Wood slat wall and ceiling panels provide a dignified connection to nature, combining the beauty of wood with superior fire resistance and acoustic performance. Choose from a variety of wood species and unlimited stain options.

Sound absorption panels reduce echo and reverberation to improve speech intelligibility. They are perfect for concert halls, home theaters, and classrooms.

SoftGrid(r) Switch

Designed to be the heart of your ceiling, SoftGrid Switch is a modular system that creates an intricate web for your ceiling. Its angled surfaces made of Soft Sound acoustical material diffuse noise and dampen the flow of sound in every direction. Switch comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

With its hexagonally-shaped cellular baffles, this ceiling system adds geometric dimensionality to any space. Its angled surfaces also disrupt the flow of sound across a room, providing high-performance acoustical performance and reducing reverberation. This flexible acoustic baffle system is available in a variety of colors and can be used with a grid or drywall ceiling to fit any design vision.

The tessellated pattern of this acoustic ceiling wood delivers visual complexity that makes people take notice. The system’s seamlessly tileable pattern options make it easy to achieve dramatic visual effects and acoustical performance at any scale. Its acoustically performative Soft Sound non-woven acoustic fabric acoustic ceiling wood is offered in a choice of wood textures and backers, including light-transmitting frosted polycarbonate. Pair it with Arktura InLine or Backlight illumination to complete the effect.

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