Solar Dual Lens WiFi Camera

Solar Dual Lens WiFi Camera

Solar Dual Lens WiFi Camera

This solar security camera is designed with your needs in mind. Its advanced technology allows it to be used around the clock, making sure that your property is always protected.

Its advanced features include 10X optical zoom, which gives you a clear view of potential intruders. The camera also has a rechargeable battery and wireless connectivity.

ULTRA HD 4K Video Quality

Stream and record in ULTRA HD 4K resolution to easily identify threats with this intelligent security camera. Featuring a powerful built-in AI, it only alerts you in real time about true threats and sends instantaneous motion alerts to your mobile phone. It also automatically tracks and captures human movements, sending you the footage directly through the app, and helps deter unwanted intruders with a 120db loud noise alarm.

The CMOS sensor and laser-etched lens are designed for an ultra-wide viewing angle and superior image quality day or night. The unique optical design eliminates fisheye distortion, while reducing sun flares and reflections for sharper images and video.

It offers cloud and TF card storage options with remote access to your footage via the free Reolink app on Android or iOS smartphones. It’s easy to set up and use, works seamlessly within 300ft of a Wi-Fi router or repeater, and has the option for two-way voice intercom communication. It’s also solar powered and self-sustaining, requiring only minimum sunlight for 24/7 operation and 8 months of standby time.

10X Optical Zoom

The solar powered dual lens security camera is the ultimate solution for homeowners, businesses, farms and other outdoor areas that need around-the-clock surveillance. It features advanced technology and versatile functions that are easy to setup and use.

The 10X optical zoom allows you to see even the smallest details, helping you detect potential threats. You can also remotely control the camera’s pan and tilt. This feature is especially helpful if you have a large property or want to monitor an area that is difficult to reach.

This camera has a 350-degree pan and 120-degree tilt motorized varifocal lens, making it easy to get the perfect Solar Dual Lens WiFi Camera view of your property. Its CMOS sensor provides excellent video quality day and night, with no distortions or fisheye effect.

The XZ5 Dual Pro can be connected to your existing WiFi network, allowing you to store recordings on the device or in the cloud (subscription fees may apply). Its built-in rechargeable lithium battery gives it the power to operate continuously for hours at a time, regardless of weather conditions.

Two-Way Voice Intercom System

Adding a video intercom system is an affordable and convenient amenity that can help attract and retain residents, while maximizing NOI. With a wireless video intercom, couriers and visitors can be granted access to the building without having to come to the door or wait for an operator to answer the phone. It also helps eliminate package theft and those pesky “Sorry we missed you” notes.

Unlike toggle 2-way communication systems, this camera features a full-duplex voice communication system. This allows the subscriber to speak into the device from across the room if necessary. It’s great for situations like a break-in or medical emergency when the subscriber may not be able to reach their phone or if they are too frantic to dial 9-1-1.

The solar powered security camera uses a battery to keep it working around-the-clock. The base should Solar Dual Lens WiFi Camera be located on a hard, level surface and clear of shade as this can impact performance. AA batteries can be used to power the camera as a backup. It’s recommended that the camera be installed by a professional installer to ensure proper mounting.

Removable Solar Panel

Our solar powered security cameras are built with a 15000mAh high-capacity battery and wireless charging technology, which can be recharged by sunlight. They are also equipped with a powerful 110db alarm sound that can help deter intruders and scare them away.

These solar powered home security cameras can work non-stop for 365 days and come with an easy DIY installation process. They are great for remote places without electricity and internet service. They can also help you save money on electricity bills and maintenance fees.

The Reolink Argus 3 Pro is our top pick for solar-powered outdoor surveillance cameras. It has a powerful CMOS sensor and a surgically cut lens that drastically reduce sun flares during the day and reflections at night. It is also equipped with a microphone to record audio.

It is weatherproof and can be used indoors or outdoors. It is also a great choice for monitoring construction sites and temporary events. It has a 150deg wide angle view, human/animal detection, color night vision, and motion detection. It can also record locally on a microSD card and remotely on the cloud.

WiFi Connection

The camera uses a Wi-Fi connection to connect to your home’s network. Its built-in Wi-Fi antenna and upgraded 2.4Ghz chip ensure a stable WiFi signal, eliminating weak spots. This feature allows you to access and monitor your home remotely, even when traveling abroad.

It features accurate motion detection and instant alerts that you can view from your phone. This way, you can quickly respond to suspicious activity by scaring off intruders with the built-in siren alarm or calling them to leave your property.

This solar security camera also has a number of other useful features, including a two-way voice intercom system and local storage for up to 128GB on a TF card. It also has a long standby time and a adjustable solar panel for non-stop solar power. Compared to rivals, this solar security camera offers the best local video storage and highest 2K resolution. However, it lacks cloud storage and has fewer positive customer reviews.

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